Elephant Springs, also known as Suối Voi, is a great place to visit if you’re planning to stay in Hue for a couple of days.

This place is made by the water falling down from the mountains creating plenty of small pools at this location. Some areas can get a little deep but even if you’re not a great swimmer or have kids, some pools are shallow. I would say about 2 to 4 feet deep.

From Thuan An Hue to Elephant Springs, it took over an hour drive to get there. The roads weren’t bad in the beginning but can get a little rocky at the end and upon arriving, there is a short 5 minute walk to the final destination.

Like I mentioned, if you’re planning to spend a couple days in Hue, you should absolutely do a day trip to Suối Voi and here are my 3 reasons why!


1. Beautiful… Stunning Views

That short 5 minute walk I mentioned earlier? I wish was walk was longer! You get to see the real nature of Hue. With the vast mountains covered in forestry, I couldn’t get enough.

How Vietnam is growing rapidly with its high rises building and resorts all over the country, it was nice to get away from all that hectic and escape to the peaceful nature.

2. Need To Cool Down?

Going in May (supposedly the hottest month of the year), the sun was killing me! Having an excessive sweating disorder, I needed to cool down constantly. When my uncle gave me the option to either go visit Elephant Springs or the Tombs, I instantly jump to the idea of going to the springs.


To be honest, that was an easy choice for me. It was either walking around in the hot sun sweating uncontrollably or cool down at the springs. Even though the water was a bit colder than I anticipated, it certainly gave me the cool down I so desperately needed.


3. An Excellent Place To Eat & Relax!

When arriving, you first look for a spot in one of the huts to sit and relax. It’s like going to a street vendor but right by the waterfall! You order food and drinks, and being under the hut, you’re out of the blazing hot sun.

I created a short clip of my trip to Hoi An & Hue below. This includes me spending a full day at the springs with my uncle and sister!

Enjoy! -Duy

GoPro - Hue & Hoi An - YouTube

Published by Duy Dang