It's 2017, businesses are not just looking to hire employees – they need SUPERHEROES.

This is why Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) exists.

It’s basically the contracting of an organization’s talent acquisition processes to a third-party service provider.

Lots of companies have already taken the big step and are benefiting from the resources that RPO has to offer.

And we’re not just talking about big “corporate” companies here; even small businesses consider this as the most viable option when hiring the “perfect” employee for the company.

If you have not considered outsourcing your business’s recruitment processes yet then here are 7 reasons why you should start considering it without any further ado:

1: They’re well-versed in the art of recruiting the “right” candidate

Now you must be thinking that your in-house talent acquisition team is also pretty talented at what they do so why consider outsourcing?

Your in-house recruitment team must be talented but they’re experienced in screening the candidates relating to your industry only.

For example:

You run a clothing brand but are looking to recruit a software developer to develop and maintain a special software for your brand.

Your in-house team would obviously not be much acquainted with the software development industry so you need a recruiter who’s well experienced in screening the candidates within this field.

Same Ol’ run-of-the-mill interview questions won’t help you hire your next superhero. You need a recruiter who’s an “industry expert” and this is where recruitment agencies come to the rescue.  They have specialist recruiters who have a solid background and deep knowledge of the industry that they’re recruiting for.

2: They focus more on candidate quality

There’s more to recruitment than just screening the candidates on the basis of experience and education.  The recruiters should also very keenly observe the candidate’s personality, approach towards his/her career and previous accomplishments but this is just not possible if the hiring managers are given little time to fill up the position or have a lot of other candidates to interview too because they would just not be able to evaluate the qualities of the candidate from a different (i.e. not-so-traditional) perspective.

The agency you’re outsourcing your recruitment processes with can easily observe candidates with exceptional qualities and might also have the right candidate already registered on their platform. This can save time and will also increase candidate quality.

3: They’re dedicated to improving your Employer Brand

Don’t find superheroes, let superheroes find you.

So we’re talking about finding the right candidate (i.e. a superhero) for your company. Wouldn’t it be cool if superheroes find your company and aspire to work for you?

If you want your potential candidate to do all the chasing instead of you then you really should work on improving your Employer Brand – and Recruitment Agencies can help you achieve that goal.

They do all the hard work required to improve your Employer Brand and to help you attract the right kind of candidates with the help of different platforms.


Finding the right candidate is a daunting task for many but RPO has made the process far easier and efficient.  This is not just an efficient solution but is also very cost-effective – it helps you cut down on a lot of recruitment expenses too.

Whether you run a small business or a big corporate firm, Recruitment Process Outsourcing is the most viable option to choose if you’re looking to hire a superhero in a super-efficient yet cost-effective way.


Published by Kash Pals