When small businesses turn to proper order management systems, this helps various businesses to keep a better track on their inventory and process their orders, sell better in online marketplaces, and a lot more advantages. As a part of their e-commerce platform, almost every retail business needs some form of order management software. These help with inbuilt order processing and ensure effective workflow as online sales grow well in complexity and volume.

It often makes sense to consider having a great order management solution, which could integrate properly with your e-commerce platform. However, what is the actual reasons that push small businesses to consider using such solutions in their business framework?

1. Improves the Workflow of Order Processing

When talking about the workflow of order processing, this refers to how an order would move from checkout to the truck of the carrier. In most cases, the pattern of the order process includes customers placing the order, an email notification email sends to inform the sender, and someone would log in to see the order and then print a packing slip, packing of the order, weighing it, and finally a shipping label.

The good thing about order management software is that it allows merchants to store not just the weight of the product, but also the dimensions. The order management software keeps track of the products, details of the customers, wholesalers, and gives an estimate of the shipping time.

2. Inventory Control

When you turn to order management software like EMERGE App, you can also avail the chance to better inventory control. You can view the history of the product, track what goes out and into the inventory, adjust every purchase, return, sale, exchange, and record everything in the report of the inventory management software.

With smarter tools, it also helps to check occasionally damaged inventory, and renders it unsellable, labeling and tracking the adjustments if that happens. In addition, ensure fast selling products hardly ever move out of stock with proper inventory reordering. You can seamlessly re-issue purchase orders, set limits to the inventory, and reorder any product that falls below its actual limit. You can also have a complete inventory list that shows the total stock you have now.

In simple words, order management software has features that allow the merchant to connect to post-sale data. It updates the website of the business when a product sold off online or in a physical store.

3. Suitable for Offline and Online Sales

Usually, workflows for offline or online e-commerce sales vary. However, in our multi-faceted e-commerce world, such tools give small businesses the chance to run their business more efficiently.

Other benefits you can avail include:

  • Having all of your product information in one place
  • Create a comprehensive price list and tier pricing
  • Create a better catalog for your customers and set an appropriate price range
  • Control inventory batches
  • View purchase history
  • Create categories for products by brands

Order management software offers a lot more benefits than you can imagine. Now that you have an idea of what to expect, try EMERGE App today!

Published by Joel Borthwick