One more drama biopic produced by Indonesian filmmakers. The story is packed in a film titled "3 Srikandi (3 Female Athlete Archer)". Since its inception, the film is very interesting and eagerly awaited. 

The film has been released to the public August 4, 2016, recounts the journey of three athletes arrows Indonesia, Nurfitriyana Saiman (Bunga Citra Lestari), Lilies Handayani (Chelsea Islan), Kusuma Wardani (Tara Basro), and his coach, Donald Pandiangan (Reza Rahardian) , 3 Srikandi tells how three athletes struggle arrow Indonesia captured the first medal at the Olympics, Seoul, South Korea, in 1988. Do not imagine boring storyline that contains only the clinic or the third game of the athlete. The film is still drama also presents his life story the main character, with a common thread, namely, the struggle, ideals, and dilemmas. The plot is very flowing, making the two hour duration of the film becomes noticeably.

Each of the characters have the same conditions, where they are faced with two difficult choices. However, like a heroine, they successfully complete their hearts turmoil in determining their way of life. Donald, the coach, who is also a former athlete arrow Robin Hood, also took an important part in this film.

Most noticeably marvelous atmosphere of the film is successfully formed. Collaboration videography and depth dialogue between players, making this film as the film most motivating that far from being patronizing. Hear the dialogue, would make us feel for what was experienced by all the characters in this film. Chemistry between players is very strong.

Nobody can doubt the acting skills of a Reza Rahardian. However, Reza riveting acting probably will not mean anything without an opponent playing the offset. The third female lead in the film shows the class which is equivalent to Reza. Dialogue is natural, deep inspiration, until the surface runoff into the character, making Bunga, Tara, and Chelsea, admirable. However, Chelsea became the player who most attention in this film. He managed to portray an arrow youngest athlete, childish, brave, and passionate. 

Good movie goers will successfully arouse feelings when supported with good background music. 3 Srikandi managed to make this film to be very lively. No wonder because there Narotama Aghi name and Bemby Gusti, in charge. When you put more attention on the arrangement of the music in a film, you definitely will not be familiar with both of these names.

Occurrences 3 Srikandi will be a breath of fresh air for the Indonesian film industry. The quality is far above average this should make you underestimate the local movie feel embarrassed. Not hard to fall in love with this film by Imam Brotoseno. When you feel responsible for making quality films increasingly popping up, then you should immediately see this movie. Thus, under the guise of a horror film era cypress, will quickly disappear from our local movie trend.

Published by Mahmur Marganti