I hate cleaning house! I tend to let my house get so messy that it gets overwhelming to clean. Over the past week I have been trying to follow a three simple rules to keep the house clean. I have been amazed! My house is cleaner, I don't dread getting up in the morning, and I'm getting a lot more done!

1. Clean Sink:

I have been requiring myself to have a clean kitchen sink every night before I can go to bed. If the dishwasher is close to full I go ahead and run it so that in the morning I wake up to clean dishes. This has changed my life. My husband is still a little bit skeptical on how a clean kitchen sink really makes a difference but I think that's because he can't stand it when I say, "no more Game of Thrones until the kitchen sink is clean".


2. Tidy Living Room:

We have the most gorgeous gray couch but it has 72,000 pillows! Every night before I go to bed I take two minutes and fluff all of the pillows. I also make sure the living room floor is clutter free. Toys put away, blankets refolded, etc. Waking up in the morning and seeing a clean living room and a clean kitchen sink is AMAZING!


3. Put Laundry Away:

I HATE doing laundry! I am one of those people that leaves laundry in the washer/dryer for days weeks. My third and last nightly routine is to fold and put any laundry away before bed. Thankfully we don't have laundry every night but when we do I force myself to take care of it. All of it, including hanging up clothes. If my son is already asleep I just place his laundry in a basket outside his door and do it the next day. My major laundry procrastination is putting my own personal laundry away.


And that's it! The results have been amazing! I have spent less time catching up and more time resting or working on new projects! I love it! 





Published by Liz Hardcastle