Lack of motivation is a common problem nowadays.  The same scenario happens to me very often: I get a wonderful idea of a new life project, but my laziness kills it before I even start working on it.

I have been thinking about how to solve this problem and improve my efficiency. I have tried many advice and various strategies. In the end, I believe there are three main factors we need to consider when working on our motivation.


Understand why you work on your project and why do you need to achieve your goal. Are you studying math for an exam? Is that because your parents told you so? Think of the benefits you will get after passing the exam. More work opportunities, better education in the future, or a possibility to work as a math tutor? Find advantages in what you are doing. Every work has its meaning.


Set up a deadline and a timetable. If you are fed up with your work and you wish to change it, set a deadline with yourself. Tell yourself that by the end of the next month you shall leave the current job. That means you have a month to look for a new workplace. Too much of time on your hands, uncertainty, and no exact plans for the future are not your best friends when it comes to staying motivated.

Come up with a plan. Think of the steps you shall take in order to achieve your goal. Work on your aim step by step, preferably having the time limit.

Are you learning a new language, for example? Do you want to speak good German in a year? Think of how much you shall study per week. Follow your plan and keep a diary of your progress.


Have a little celebration after you finish your project successfully. Have you been working on a book to be published? Did everything go fine? If so, enjoy yourself. Have some rest to boost the energy before you start working on your new idea. Do what you like and let others be proud of your achievements. One successful step will lead to another.


Motivate yourself. No one else can do it better than you.



Published by Ivy