When it comes to winter-proofing you home, you’re probably thinking along the lines of clearing the gutters, checking your windows and doors are up to the job, and cutting down those tree branches that overhang your house.

However, once you’ve got that out of the way, there are plenty of fun, stylish ways to winter-proof your home indoors as well.

Change Your Curtains

As the winter nights draw in, you’ll be spending an increasing amount of time with the curtains closed and the central heating on. But your curtain choice shouldn’t simply be for style; thin curtains let heat escape out of your windows far more readily than heavier drapes, meaning you need to spend more money on constantly heating your home, and you won’t retain the warmth very efficiently when the heating is turned off.

There are plenty of heavier, lined curtains available in gorgeous designs that expel the myth those heavier curtains look old fashioned. Try a modern twist on a vintage classic with a gold print on a neutral background of upholstery-weight material, lined with a thick blackout material – and as a bonus they’ll block out your neighbor’s tacky Christmas lights!

Change Your Radiators

If you’re finding that your heating system doesn’t keep your home nearly as warm as you’d like, your radiators leak, or it’s costing you a lot to run, it may be time for a change. There are some amazing designer radiators out there that will be something you want to show off, rather than try and hide.

If your home is modern, there are many stylish steel or aluminum radiators that lie close to the wall, and look closer to an art installation than part of your heating system. If your house is more traditional, cast iron radiators are making a huge comeback, though nowadays they’re exceptionally efficient and can be decorated with some stunning, intricate designs.

Make sure none of your living room furniture is pushed up against your radiators, as this will block the circulation of the heat – plus the constant heat is no good for leather furniture, which will dry out and crack.


Although you might have insulated your walls and attic adequately, what about the sixth side of your home – the floors? A lot of heat is lost through gaps in floorboards, and even if you have carpet you can still be losing upwards of 15% of your heat through your floor. So, use it as an excuse to finally rip up that ugly beige carpet you’ve been dying to get rid of since you moved in.

If you don’t fancy ripping up your floorboards, you could put down foam insulation straight onto them, though this can also go straight onto the ground if you like. Top with chipboard and then your choice of floor covering – wooden floors such as birch wood floors and nice, modern carpets will seem warmer, though you may want to put in under floor heating to give warmth to tile. Caulking is also a great way to insulate floors, though is more of a short term solution.

Adding stylish rugs can also help insulate, and add a more homely and warm feeling to a room.

What do you do to winter-proof your home? Any more stylish solutions?

Published by Justin Jersey