Myanmar is one of the fascinating countries in Southeast Asia. Its natural beauty will leave you in exuberance. However, you still have time to cancel your ticket if your purpose for visiting Myanmar is to hang out with your friends. But if you want to explore the real essence of Asia then Myanmar can be the best destination for you. You will get to see here heritage of Lord Buddha, age-old-culture, ancient architecture and stunning landscapes.

Meanwhile, it is also important for tourists to understand the fact that most of the time in the last century, Myanmar was under military dictatorship. During this period, the country was completely prohibited for foreigners. This is how Myanmar manages to keep its "mystery" tag. The best way to know about Myanmar is to visit the country in person. In case if you are planning to travel to Myanmar then this post will help you to understand 3 things that you should pack in your bag before taking the flight to travel to Myanmar.

Pest Repellent

There are plenty of bugs and mosquitoes in Myanmar. Especially after the sunsets, their existence can ruin your enjoyment. If you want to enjoy the sunset in Bagan or the post-sunset at U-Bein Bridge then you must consider carrying a pest repellant to get rid of mosquitoes and bugs. You can consider buying supersonic pest repellent or spray or lotion before your Myanmar trip.

Long Shorts and Sleeved T-shirts

Myanmar is filled with plenty of temples of the pagoda. But you need to maintain a decent dress code for visiting these temples. You cannot wear the following while visiting different temples in Myanmar:

  1. Socks and shoes
  2. Short skirts and pants
  3. Spaghetti blouse etc.

So you must also pack long shorts and sleeved t-shirts before visiting Myanmar if you want to explore the different temples there.

Headlamp or Torch

In addition, you must also consider packing a headlamp or torch for plenty of good reasons.

Most of the street lights are sparse even in big cities like Yangon and Mandalay. So if you want to take a walk in the night in the streets of Myanmar then having a headlamp or torch will help you to prevent accidents.

You can also prefer to witness sunrise or sunset from the temples of Bagan. Most of the temples of Bagan are filled with stairways. In low light, it can be pretty challenging to climb up or go down these stairs. Having a torch or headlamp at this time will help to prevent the chances of failing or slipping accidentally.

So these are the three things that you must pack before catching your flight to Myanmar.  So this is all for today as time has come to sign off. For any related question regarding your Myanmar packing feel free to use the comment box below. 

Published by Harris Scott