You are the proud new homeowner of a cute little 3 bedrooms/ 2-bathroom family dwelling. You and your family love the area, and that this new location is closer to work and school. The only problem is that the home that you purchased for such a good price is a fixer-upper. It is in dire need of new kitchen cabinets, new flooring throughout and new windows. But which project should you tackle first?

 You wisely decide that with the coming of winter that getting new windows first is essential. Especially since the current windows in your new home are single pane, which lets much cold air pass through. Getting new windows will not only add value to your home but will keep you and your family toasty warm in the winter and cool as a cucumber in the summer. Here is a list of the top 3 things you should know before spending your hard-earned money on new windows.

#1 What Kind of Window Replacements Should I Get?

 With so many different types of windows out there, which one that is best suited for you is determined by several factors. If you live in Anchorage, Alaska for example then you are no stranger to chilling temperatures of -0 degrees. In this case, it is recommended that you get triple glazed windows. These 3 pane windows will insulate your home from the harsh winter chill, while also reducing outside noise and your monthly energy bill. An excellent choice for those who live in colder climates.

 In contrast, if you live in Tempe, Arizona, then triple glazed windows are simply not necessary. Instead, get double glazed windows which are cheaper, and come in a wider variety of choices. Getting a high-quality double-glazed window replacement for your home is best if you live in a warmer climate.

#2 How Much Will New Window Replacements Cost Me?

 So now that you have picked out your new window replacements, how much you will be paying for them? The average cost is $300-$700 per window. This is if the frame that the replacements are going into is structurally intact. For a typical 3/2 single story home with 10 windows, the total would be $3,000-$7,000. This doesn’t include labour which can depend on the contractor or company your using.

#3 Contractor or Do it Yourself?

 Finally, you are going to need to pay a licensed contractor to install your new window replacements. But if the cost of labour is simply too great for you, then you can always do it yourself. The good is that you will save a lot of money by not paying a contractor to do it. The bad is that if you are not familiar with how to install a window, then you may end causing damage that will cost you more money. So, you should first search online and watch how to install videos. And of course, you can always go to your trusted hardware or window store and get helpful advice from industry professionals.




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