At a certain moment, everyone is bound to encounter failure in one form or another. However, how one reacts to it is what differences us. Unfortunately, many persons are down after they face a fail. Some of them can never come back to their senses, and they even give up their dreams.

I am going to pin point few methods which can be used in order to overcome the demoralisation that might occur when things don’t work out for you.


1. Understand that failure is inevitable


Failure is a common problem people have to face. Your idols had confronted with it, too. There’s no one immune to it. However, understanding that it is a normal part of the process changes your perspective on the situation. If you think it’s just your bad luck, you’ll never get past it. Besides, it would make you think that the situation is unsolvable because you are the problem. In reality, we don’t necessarily fail because we don’t try hard enough. Sometimes, we are not the right person for the right job. Or it isn’t the right time.


2. Make it a means of motivation


The real issue is not the failure itself, but the way it makes us feel. When we fail at something we tend to be harsh on ourselves. Instead of focusing on how to improve in the future, we get stuck in the past. We blame our lack of skill, experience or something else - or we put the blame on others when it isn’t their fault. It’s not how the problem should be approached.

Failure should be seen as a means of motivation. It should make you feel determined to do your best the next time. Stay enthusiastic! You might have failed, but how close were you to reaching your goal? I am sure that there will be another opportunity in the future. Meanwhile, work on yourself, on further developing your talents.


3. Make the most of it


It looks quite similar to point 2, but it’s not the same thing. Every single person should make the most of his or her failure. By that, I mean that you should see the glass half full. I get that no one can be happy when his dreams look impossible to achieve, but what if I told you failure is what makes you get closer to it?

Let me break it don’t for you. Unluckily, the things didn’t work out as you hoped. If you stayed calm and thought thoroughly why a specific course was followed, you’d find out how to make everything works beneficially the next time. Failure teaches you what you’ve done wrong.

If you learn something from it, you can’t really consider failure a fail.


Now, that you’ve read the points above tell me, is it worth giving up your dream because you didn’t succeed this time? Should few bad experiences stop you on your way to greatness and accomplishment? If you want it bad enough, no failure should make you quit.

To motivate you a little, let me share with you a quote which I think that captures the essence of the problem:

Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm.

-  Winston Churchill


Have inspiration,

Rebecca Radd


Published by Rebecca Radd