The Holy Spirit has many different names throughout scripture. This is because He is so many different aspects of God’s helping hand in our life. He is called our healer, helper, counsellor, convicter and so much more. The Holy Spirits job is to guide us into all truth and into the paths of righteousness.

Often I hear from people “the Holy Ghost just doesn’t speak to me”. Well that’s just not true. The Holy Ghost is always speaking, it’s just a matter of learning how to hear Him and in which ways He can speak to us. When we understand this, it helps not only with wisdom and direction in our life but it also strengthens our relationship with God. The most vital thing we must understand is God is always confirming His love towards us. This is why we need to learn to hear Him and discern the difference between Gods voice and the devils.

I am going to show 3 ways in which the Holy Ghost will speak to you. Of course God has many more ways than this, but these 3 are things I believe we need to purposely set our hearts and spiritual ears to hear and do.

#1: God speaks to us through His Word. Maybe you haven’t experienced this, but let me assure you that the Holy Ghosts greatest desire is to reveal the Word to your heart. 2 Peter 1:19 also teaches us that The Word of God is a more accurate Word than any prophecy you might ever get. Prophecy is great and should never be despised, but reading the Word is far more necessary. It is Gods Will for your life clearly laid out.

If you struggle to hear the Holy Spirit speak during your times in the Word, I encourage you to first ask Him to reveal it, and then slow down and ponder scripture. Allow yourself to get quite with the Lord and give Him time to help you understand. Also before opening your Word, ask Him to guide you to the best book in the bible for you. The best advice would also be, to not doubt. Don’t feel led to read 1 John and then second guess yourself one chapter in. Allow yourself to get bold in being led by God. Whatever is not of faith is sin. If you believe God directed you there, stay there till you hear from Him.

We live in such a fast paced world that often we have a million other things going through our minds at the time we should be spending with God. I know for myself that I have to CHOOSE to switch off from everything else so I can hear from God. Often you hear from people that God speaks to them when there on the toilet. I believe it, it’s the only time He can get to them when there mind isn’t on a million other things. Lol. BTW, God will go to the toilet with you, He NEVER leaves you, even when you stink. Lol

#2 God will speak to us through our prayer time. Again we need to quieten our minds. Not necessarily our mouths as we lift others and our situations up in prayer. I just finished my prayer time with The Lord just before sitting down to write this. I began my time by declaring scriptures over our Church and Ministry that promise Gods favour over those areas. Instantly God began to speak to me about what I can do to help progress the ministry and encourage others.

However if I never opened my mouth and began praying for those areas I don’t think God would have been able to reveal those things to me. I think sometimes we write off those things as “our own ideas”, when in-fact it is the Holy Ghost speaking to us about what He wants us to do. Each one of us is an important member of the body of Christ, and as we each allow the Holy Ghost to direct us we will truly become an un-stoppable force on the earth.

So my number 2 way the Holy Ghost will speak to us is why we are praying. Allow Him to guide you into how you can help. Maybe he will lead you to call someone and encourage them that day. If someone comes on your heart suddenly while you are praying, chances are the Lord is speaking to you to pray for them. He might even want you to take them out for lunch. Get quite and allow God to show you.

#3: This is a great one. Sometimes God speaks to us through other people. Yes it might be through Prophecy (however remember that prophecy should always line up with what Gods already doing in your life, or it should gel with your Spirit). However God will also just use a person that may or may not know about our situation give the very answer you need.

Humility is a great marker for a Christian. We need to be always listening out for Gods counsel through others. I personally would not recommend running around telling everybody your problems to get an answer, but rather going to 1 or 2 respected mature Christians for Godly counsel. If possible, don’t share at all and if God wants to use someone, you then know the answer is from God.

We need to be careful about building walls between people we might have pre-conceived ideas or judgements against. Maybe the Holy Ghost has the answer through that person but because we have judged them we cannot receive it. As the Apostle Paul said, he doesn’t judge no man after the flesh nature. We need to be like that also. Just because a person has some problems, we need to see them as God does. God will still fully use a person with issues, so we need to allow them to be used.

So the 3 ways that the Holy Ghost can speak is through our Word time, Prayer time and through other people. I pray this has helped someone and thanks for reading.

God Bless you, I am praying for each of you every day.

Carol Eddington. xx

Published by Carol Eddington