Don’t you think there must be some events to remember women who contributed to events in the history and contemporary society? Well Women’s History Month is one of those events for celebrating the contributions that women have made throughout the history. Women have created a legacy that expands the frontier of possibilities for generations to come. It is celebrated during March in the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia and during October in Canada. 

As a part of this effort let us take a moment to recognise a few important women in history.

  1. Josephine Baker (singer and dancer):

Josephine Baker was a renowned dancer ,activist and French Resistance agent .Her parents named her Freda Josephine McDonald .She was born on June 3rd, 1906 in the United States and died on 12th of April 1975 in France .The Black American lady  was very popularly known as ‘La Baker’ .She caught the eyes of the world by dancing in a costume consisting of only girdle of bananas .It was a revolution in the Jazz Age in 1920’s .She was an activist and also served the military .Baker supported the Civil Rights Movements in 1950’s when she and her husband did not get reservation in any of the hotels in the United States .She was casted in many movies .She later converted to Roman Catholicism.  

  1. Florence Mills (singer ,dancer and comedian):

Florence Mills was popularly known as “Queen Of Happiness” .Born on January 25 ,1896 and died on November 1, 1927 .She was African-American singer ,dancer and comedian of Jazz Age and Harlem Renaissance ,who captivated the world with her talent ,beauty and dedication to racial equality .Mills is credited with having been a staunch and outspoken supporter of equal rights of African Americans ,with her signature song “I’m A Little Black Bird” as a request  for racial equality , and during her life she broke many racial barriers .She is  fascinating as an intelligent and socially conscious human being .Mills was also the first black international female star of the 20th century .

  1. Cora T .Walker-Lawyer:

Cora T .Walker was born on June 20 ,1922 and died on July 13 ,2006 .Walker  was a lawyer and she was the first African American women to practise law in New York who later became the first female president of the Harlem Lawyers Association .In her early stages of career Walker found it difficult to get a position at a law firm. As a result, she started her own private practise in Harlem where she worked for the  residents for more than half a century .She established a law firm ,Walker And Bailey ,with her son Lawrence R .Bailey Jr .She was a senior partner there until she retired in 1999 She was active in the National Bar Association which was formed in the 1920’s which was a professional organisation for African American lawyers She was also honoured when she was listed in New York Times as one of the most powerful people in Harlem.  

These 3 women were the ones who broke the barriers of racism and emerged as an inspiration to today’s society. These women are one of the reasons to celebrate Women’s History Month. And this is the event to spread awareness among the people about the contributions of Women and girls.

Published by Shubhi Gupta