July 23, 2016

Hello Beauties,

Beach body update time!!  I still have a gut. (I'm so impatient...I just want it to disappear..today!)  Because I know I'm going to write about my experience with this challenge, I've made it and completed day five today without missing a workout!!  You guys are my motivation. My soon-to-be abs of steel are sore, so I guess that means I'm doing everything right.

I did my workout, after a very intense cycling class in Hyde Park. (A neighborhood in Chicago).   Why did I do that to myself, I don't know.  High knees and Russian twist was the challenge for the day.  When I started, I began with High knees.  It was so simple and easy...until I reach number 25. That's when my thighs started to burn.  If you know what Russian twist are, then you know that they are a pain, and if you don't know what they are.....they're a pain!

I'm not sure when I should post another picture...maybe half way through???  Day 15?? Maybe I'll see some changes by then.  FYI...I have not changed my diet in any way; I'm a pescatarian (no meat, just seafood and veggies)...chocolate brownies & chips, etc lol.  I try to get my 10,000 steps everyday; soooo a relatively healthy lifestyle.  I'll post another update in five days and I should be at day ten...if I'm not, please motivate me to catch up and keep going!!!

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