July 21, 2016

Hello Beauties,

I haven't been extremely fond of my body since I had my son and I'm so lazy that working out is the last thing on my mind...ever.  I've started 30 day challenges many times and I never finish them, but I decided to try again and this time, I'll blog my process in order to stay motivated.

The 30 day challenge app for android is pretty awesome!  It features challenges for your arms, core, legs, strength and extra + full body, which is an additional cost of $1.20.   I think the app was $4.99, without the extra + full body section.

Once you purchase the app, make sure to check out the exercise tab.  If you've never heard of a bicycle crunch, this section will teach it to you, along with other exercises using a short video clip and written instruction.  Under settings, you can choose a specific time to have a reminder sent to complete your workout for the day.  I don't want to lose weigh, I actually like my size, I just want a flat tummy again.  Hopefully, in 30 days, I'll have abs of steel!!!

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Published by Kreative Beautii