At time of writing its been 7 days since i ended the 30 day challenge to live off next to nothing so i guess I've had time to reflect on what this did to myself.

Main point to consider , i recommend this challenge to everyone.


Ok , lets clarify.

  1. My mental strength has built up tremendously. Saying 'No' to buying things and skipping frivolous stuff has impacted these last 7 days. I no longer feel gratified buying pretentious materialistic crap that i don't need. My most expensive purchase has been a £1 monster drink, i need nothing else.
  2. I've been to the bottom so many times it's untrue. Sitting in church and donating the last pound i have on my current person a day before my medical testing money then walking 5 miles to get home was gritting. which leads me onto my next point.
  3. You appreciate life a helluva lot more. Those 5 miles are a pittance to someones commute in developing countries , and that made me more appreciative of the fact God , the Stork or whatever entity you believe in , somehow made me breathe air in this continent.My oats got boring and my dry rice lead me to bang my head repeatedly against a brick wall , but , i had these , and there was a guarantee i had a full stomach , what a blessing that is!
  4. I learnt how to make money on the side: Medical testing , Money for surveys , Mystery Shopping , Player auctions (Thank you Zack James!) amongst several dozens more. I also got approved to be an Istock Contributor which enables me to earn 15% of royalties if a company wants to use my images. Great Success.
  5. I developed a blog on and Wordpress that enabled me to get my story out , helping me with self-confidence issues and learning to write. Honestly makes my day when i hear that people read this and express kind words. Pretty Sweet (Thanks!)
  6. Money Management has improved in a huge way. Literally a massive way. I've lived off £40 since this challenge ended , including an £8 train ticket. I'm trying to see what options are so i can pay for my second masters outright, and i literally have no fear of the dreaded D word (That's Debt , behave!).
  7. Food tastes so good! Living off a staple diet of heavy carbs for near enough 30 days was numbing. Having come off these carbs and eating for more than energy is crazy , its crazy how good chicken and the things we take for granted to eat are!
  8. Self empowerment levels are waaaaaaaay up. No longer can excuses be made to not fulfill potential. If i have to be broke for 6 months to achieve something , sign me up.
  9. If i had a full time job , its crazy to think how much money could be accrued in such a short time. My most expensive purchase was a weekly bus pass , and my transport funds were the most expensive , totalling £52 for the month , food was around £28 and other expenditure totalled around £66 (2 Credit cards and  £40 i owed out to a close friend) , Think my next step is to start saving to travel by doing this , and trying to create a few income opportunities
  10. Things aint sunshine and rainbows , i set out the blog thinking i was going to do a whole bunch of funny little experiments and challenges, turns out its a lot harder than it looks!

So there you have it , 30 days living off nothing comes to a close , and i'm really happy i did this. I recommend this to everyone looking to have a little fun that produces some sort of benefits in terms of financial capability and mental hypertrophy. Give it a shot!


Published by Nathan Barnes