As i sit here , pondering philosophically about my life and its worth whilst reading the workings of a certain Timothy Ferriss (If you know me socially you know i have a constant love in with that guy) , my brain decides to cough up an idea.

I’ve spent five fulfilling weeks being out of work , living off peanuts and taking in life’s many simple pleasures , as well as connecting more with old friends and rediscovering my love of life.

Now , i need change.

So , today i spent my time contemplating an idea , a fun little experiment , a stimulus based off Bob Marley’s conception of money (Life eternal). I also began pondering my personal hero Kai Greene’s take on money and thoughts become things , then i decided on something:

Can someone enjoy life living off nothing???

So then i began to form a little experiment , something that could make my life intriguing , whilst documenting my journey along the, in standard dissertation hypothesis:

’30 Days with no job and no benefits : can a postgraduate student with various commitments and passions have a healthy lifestyle whilst living off ‘Virtually Nothing’?

Ok , the rules:

  1. I cannot get a job which includes a pay date within the 30 day challenge
  2. My only sources of income can come from non taxable income , such as free bet winnings , gambling winnings ,  surveys , market research and other little money making schemes.                                                                                                                                  If i cant get anything , i cant buy anything.
  3. No phone outside of Wifi areas, phone cut off , will accept calls.
  4. Absolutely no Benefits, not a penny accepted from handouts. No ‘Sponging off the state’
  5. No monetary donations accepted
  6. Dont go hungry whilst living off a max budget (if i can aquire that is) of £17 a week (random)
  7. Dont be a massive bum , get out , live and learn.
  8. All direct debits are cut off , the only pleasures i can get is free stuff.
  9. If i cover my £17 a week food bill by any means , i get the privilege to purchase or save up for an experience.
  10. No buying clothes and empty materialistic things
  11. ‘Prince on a pauper’ Mentality in full effect.
  12. Experience life , dont buy it
  13. Rediscover bartering , negotiating and haggling , haggle for bantz.
  14. Live frugally
  15. Pay back my friends money ive lent in the past.
  16. Selling or donating my possessions are allowed
  17. Cheapest food options apply (eg. if a supermarket is selling white rice for 20p whereas another supermarket is selling it for 19p , the 19p rice will be bought , even if it tastes like dirt)
  18. A different meal every day , no living off one thing.
  19. My bed does not count as an activity , the aim is to enjoy life , not enjoy my bed

As of the 12th June i have an undisclosed fee already in the bank ,   If my combined balance drops below this undisclosed fee , whether withdrawing for food or other expenses , i fail the challenge. If i have no money , i have no money.

If i have no food , i wont eat.

In order for this to truly work , i will not be working for money , receiving state benefit or government funds , and before anyone says it , i will not be a gigolo (AKA Prostidude)

Any money i may have accrued at the end of my challenge will be donated to a charitable organisation , any frivolous things i may have been given will be donated. In order for this challenge to be legit i will post up all shopping receipts, purchases and income.

If i need to add anything or adjust , it will be done (subject to intense positives and negatives by myself) , if i break a rule the challenge is over.

I aim to update my blog daily with general musings of not being attached to money.

Yours in Rice and cheap carbs.


(This Post was the first night i contemplated my challenge , now being 18 days into it , i didn't know what i'd gotten myself into....... 

Published by Nathan Barnes