It does not cost anything to be nice. Yep. You heard me, nothing. Being a decent human being literally cost nothing, so why is it so hard for us to be nice to one another?

It perplexes me how people think that it's okay to bully people, I hate seeing negative and hateful comments on the internet. For instance, when a YouTuber creates content that they are proud of and someone bashes it because it isn't their cup of tea, it's so horrible. If you don't like the video, just exit out it and watch something else - it's not that hard! 

My parents taught me at a young age, that people will only hate on you when they are envious/ or jealous of who you are, what you do or have. Negative comments don't affect me [, everyone is different] but they still hurt. I go to an all girl school, so yeah, it can be a bit catty most of the times and whenever you're in a dispute with someone, you tend to make fun of their insecurities because you're not friends anymore, so their feelings don't matter to you anymore. Every friendship is different but no matter the circumstances is it okay to make fun of your friend's appearances (can't help it!). If your friends do this to you, then they aren't your friend. If you're that 'friend', then don't do it, it's not cool.

I strongly believe that if you are an optimistic person, positive people and good things will come your way. Being positive and surrounding yourself with good people, makes life a lot easier. I know it's hard to be 'Miss Smiley' or 'Miss Sunshine' - it's okay to have your off days. 

I have always disliked negative and rude people. So, this is why I am proposing to do the 30 DAYS OF KINDNESS [CHALLENGE ???]. It just consists of you guys being really nice, kind, wonderful and radiant (which I am sure all of you are!) to people, even to those who don't deserve it (just don't break your back for those who aren't worth it) but don't be kind to expect something in return, just do it out of the kindness of your heart. I promise you this will change your perspective in life.

Also, I'm not going to set any 'rules' on this whatsoever, I'm leaving it up to you guys to create your own kindness for this month ahead. Tweet me how you get on

Write to you next time. 


Published by Atiyyah Addo