1.) Walking.

2.) Asking questions.

3.) Questioning almost everything.

4.) Learning from my surroundings.

5.) Gaining a love of learning.

6.) Making friends and adapting to change.

7.) People can and will hurt you sometimes.

8.) Sometimes picking flowers is better than playing sports.

9.) It’s actually possible to be just friends with boys.

10.) Always say yes to your boy crush or regret it.

11.) You don’t need an award to know that you are good.

12.) Always have a sweater or girly products in case of surprise visits.😉

13.) Always travel and learn about the world you live in; it is huge.

14.) There will be times that your best friend gets the guy and that’s OK.

15.) Change is scary but can be good and needed, so embrace it when it happens.

16.) Never let hormones take over your brain or you might regret the consequences  of their actions.

17.) High school prom and graduation are not as fun when you have morning sickness all day long.

18.) A little tiny human will impact you more in 18 seconds than anyone else has in 18 years.

19.) Marriage is a marathon, not a race. Pick the right partner or one of you will be left behind.

20.) Don’t wait until you have someone else’s permission to do the things you want to do; they don’t own you.

21.) Being able to legally drink just means that it’s no longer fun anymore; it’s OK to not party all the time.

22.) You are too young to waste your life doing things you don’t love and dealing with people who bring out the worst.

23.) Divorce does not mean that you failed; it only means that you realized what you deserve and had the courage to do something.

24.) It doesn’t matter how old you are, taking care of yourself and your health, is always a priority; always take time to be OK.

25.) When you don’t drink, smoke or party, the only upside to 25 is renting cars and lowering your car insurance. Welcome to the adult world.

26.) Going through a high-risk pregnancy will test you physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually; the moment that child’s in your arms, you’ll know it’s been worth it.

27.) Sadly you won’t realize the full importance of your parents until you nearly lose them; always remember, the little things matter so say I love you often.

28.) Some of the best people that you will ever know will be thousands of miles away and yet you’ll feel closer to them than someone right beside you.

29.) Sometimes you have to walk through fire, weather the storm, and survive hell to understand what truly matters and realize what’s worth fighting for; never forget the battles won.

30.) Age is not a deadline; it’s simply another opportunity for you to continue to create the life you want; there’s no right or wrong plan. Life’s an odyssey. Enjoy it.

Published by Amy Estrada-Campbell