I don't necessarily like to give anything a label, but the closest thing I could compare is to the words Starseed and Lightworker. To me Starseed means how it sounds, you are a seed from another planet, another galaxy, here to help spread awareness. Lightworker is along the same lines, spreading light to each and every soul, bringing out the best in them.

There are different variations of starseeds and lightworkers for different purposes and knowledge hosts. All for the same reason, they come to spread light into others to live to their full potential. 

Here are some signs you may have ran into that would classify you as a starseed/lightworker:

  1. From a young age, you felt you don't really fit in, hard to adapt with others.
  2. You feel a sense of wisdom with knowledge for helping others in any situation.
  3. No matter where you are, you always feel that inkling of wanting to go home. (but where is home?)
  4. Always feel a constant battle with people, they can't seem to understand you.
  5. Your sense of empathy is overwhelming but you still have the inclination to help others.
  6. Your physical body works different than others, doctors are confused by the functionality.
  7. Incredibly intelligent, but gets bored easily.
  8. Paranormal activity, seen, felt or hear spirits and ghosts. You can hear others thoughts and your dreams usually become reality.
  9. You feel a strong urge to fulfill a purpose or mission here on Earth.
  10. Sometimes you feel your physical body cannot keep up. We remember we never used to have restrictions in our physical forms.
  11. People are often weary of you, or feel uncomfortable in your presence. People instinctively know you are different, but struggle to verbalize why. Sometimes you may feel isolated.
  12. Very few friends, but those who understand you, wouldn't doubt you for a second.
  13. Animals trust you in the wild or in any household. You understand them to a point that you can communicate with them.
  14. Babies are also intrigued by you.
  15. You can feel what people's intentions are without them speaking.
  16. You seem rude in conversations as you know what the other person is going to say before it is said. People think you are disinterested, or do not listen to them, but really you are frustrated with the pace of the conversation.
  17. Interested in spirituality beyond books and religion. May not be able to put into words, but you harness a deep understanding of what spirituality means to you.
  18. You are drawn to the science of other worlds and what could be in other galaxies. (May even have a painted picture in mind.)
  19. From a young age, you question absolutely everything. People may see this as an argument, rather than as a gain for knowledge.
  20. Though your dreams are fantastically real, you still have trouble sleeping.
  21. Peoples first impression of you is often cold, or heartless, however, if they get to know you, they see the most loving person they know.
  22. A natural ability to make others feel better.
  23. Large crowds of people can be hard to handle with large amounts of energies flowing around.
  24. Even difficult situations don't seem to hard to handle, as for others it is a struggle for them to cope with chaotic emotions and actions.
  25. Psychic abilities to feel and read others intentions and actions.
  26. Certain sounds resonate with you, almost give you a sense of pure happiness and well being.
  27. Strong connections with nature, walking in a forest for example, can be calming and releases negative energy.
  28. Strong physical body, uncommon for a starseed/lightworker to break any bones in their lifetime. Often heals quickly form any sprain, injury or sickness.
  29. Extreme sensitivity to drugs, alcohol and any medicines. 
  30. Compelling eyes, beautiful and bright. Everyone is mesmerized by the sparkle in your eyes.

Published by Mzz Jessy