[The following is transcribed from a voice recording found on Zoe's cell phone]

(Whispering) there's a faint light on in the house, I'm going to slowly walk the perimeter staying out of sight while checking for movement inside...it's really quiet out here tonight". (Rustling of leaves and small twigs for a couple minutes...

"There's no one in there, I'm confident one of the police officers accidentally left it on...heading to the front door, slowly and carefully". More rustling, sounds like the phone was put in her pocket out of sight.  

"I'm in, the whole place is deadly still. I'm starting to get very uneasy...I will go room to room and just note my findings, starting with the kitchen...there's a few dishes in the sink nothing significant about them. The fridge is empty except for a single beer bottle and an old half gallon of milk, moving on before the smell of that fridge has me throwing up on the kitchen floor. There's a small living room/dining room area. A small round table with one very old metal kitchen chair next to it, a dusty bottle of whiskey, the dark brown liquid reaching the middle of the bottle, on top of the table.  The living room has a reclining chair and a small CRT tv. There isn't anything of significance here, I am going to move on to the bedrooms."  (More rustling, then what sounds like a faint thump then quiet. Did she run into something?  A good two minutes of silence roll by then we hear heavy breathing and small intervals of a strange dragging noise as if someone is trying to move something heavy by themselves, could that something be Zoe? 

The dragging stopped and there was another thump, then a loud raspy voice was whispering "wake up, you can wake up now you're safe". What the hell is going on? 

Zoe finally wakes up, we can hear her groan in pain, then, "who's there?" She whispered. More rustling noises and she says "oh good it's still recording" a pause, then whispering. "Since I'm not chained down to anything, I am going to try and get out of here"  "it's too quiet out there, what if something is on the other side of that door listening?" Her voice is starting to shake, then faint footsteps slowly "I put my ear up to the door and still don't hear anything, maybe that's a good thing, right?"  A door creaking slowly open, it really is dead quiet there. The Zoe yells (made me jump) "oh my god! What are you doing here?" That was definitely not a "happy to see you" voice. Then came a voice that I can't get out of my head, it was so evil and maniacal the sheer sound of it sent shivers up and down my spine. It said "I knew you'd come, I have been waiting a long time." Now the voice was slightly deep and gravely sounding but it almost echoed with a female voice, I still hear it in my dreams. 

Zoe starts to scream, not painful scream but a terrified scream, she yelled "it's not you!" Another thud.  I think she's knocked out again

The recording stops suddenly. 

After scrolling through this woman's phone, I found more recordings.  I will go through them all and share them with you tomorrow. 

I really hope this woman is not dead...  

Published by Liz Zemlicka