Before I print this next journal entry for you, I need to give you some updates. After reading all her entries, I went online and did a few google searches on Frank Metcalf and his family. There seem to be some discrepancies in the story, some think he was responsible for the deaths of his family, he hired someone to do it for him. This story doesn't make much sense considering the event ruined him I can't imagine that is what he wanted. 

I did find something interesting that Lily missed, the suicide note was never turned over. The "note" his friend Gordon read for the newspaper was one he made up. On his deathbed, he turned over the real note to a family member, and the real one is chilling. Frank accepted responsibility for their deaths, although not in the way these internet trolls are claiming, in a much more inadvertent and unbelievable way, I wouldn't believe a word of it if I hadn't read Lily's journal. 

Frank claims that he was so successful because when he was just finishing law school, he was so determined and full of energy but had a very difficult time getting a law firm to hire him right out of school. He said he prayed every night and made deals with God to help him find success. His prayers were heard but not by God, he was approached by a man on the street one day who made a deal with him, the man claimed that he was an angel and that God wanted to answer his prayer. He took the deal without a second thought and the next day he got a call from a law firm offering him a job.  It was much much later that he realized he made a grave mistake. 

The man visited him after his second daughter was born, he wanted Frank to deliver on his end of the deal, which isn't quite clear in the letter.  The rest of the letter read like a confession, he had that cabin to carry out demands made on him by the man he only refers to as The Devil. Frank was kidnapping and murdering young women even before his family died. I imagine he wanted to stop and that's why he lost them, he isn't totally clear on that. The devil or demon or whatever he was wanted the blood of young women and wanted Frank to get those women to him. 

Frank confesses to the kidnappings and murders in his note and his friend kept it hidden to preserve his friends reputation or he thought his friend had gone insane from living alone out there so long, I'm not sure which. 

I have come to the conclusion that the person lLily saw was in fact a demon looking for his next victim. I am more convinced than ever that she is dead. 


Unknown date and time

Frank Metcalf is supposed to be dead!  I must be going crazy, there is no way I saw him!  I should have done more research on him and his family before rushing out here. 
I wake up in the middle of the night, every night. I hear heavy breathing and a deep growl before it shuffles off and out the door. I am getting out of here tonight after dark. 


Published by Liz Zemlicka