Friday, October 2nd, 2015

I wandered through that forest for hours and came up with nothing. I first walked along the jogging trail to see if there was something to that. I did see a small wood cabin in the distance, it looked abandoned, I don't remember ever seeing it before. It is on the other side of our little man made lake (more of a pond really), tucked away in the trees. I feel drawn to it, maybe there's evidence in there, I don't remember it being mentioned in the searches. I will go out first thing in the morning and investigate when I have more daylight. 
 For tonight I am going to go over the paperwork I have from the searches, there has to be a mention of this cabin somewhere, it had to have been looked through. 

Maybe if I find out who owns it, I could trace back the ownership and see if there is a connection there, there has to be but it will have to wait until Monday morning when City Hall opens, for now I will just do a search of the property around it. There is still a few hours before the library closes, I'm heading there now, I just can't wait. 

I think I found something, there's old newspaper articles on microfiche. Frank Metcalfe lived in that cabin in the woods back in the 50's. Not at first though. He was highly respected in the community for years,  a city councilmen, a lawyer and was running to be appointed judge when tragedy struck. 
He was out celebrating the upcoming election, when he returned home, he found his wife and teenage daughters brutally murdered in their beds. The police called it a robbery gone bad, even though nothing appeared to be missing from the home. After that, Frank couldn't continue to live in the house so he built that little cabin and cut himself off from all of the town, he gave up everything and became a hermit until he died in 1978 of a self inflicted gunshot wound. He was found by his friend, Gordon Hughes, the only person to make weekly checks on him to bring him food and supplies and make sure he was ok. In his note, he talked about how he couldn't get past the guilt of not being at home that night and he couldn't stand the thought that the killer hadn't been caught. According to the records I could find, that cabin has been sitting empty since Frank took his own life. 
In my research, I have come across more disappearances of young women. I never knew any of this, so I went and asked the librarian who has been running this library since I was little and would come in with my parents to find bedtime books. 
Mrs Edmunds has always been a very friendly, soft spoken woman who just loves children, she still holds story time for the little ones twice a week. Today when I asked her about the missing girls, her face turned white and she only said "oh honey you don't want to know about all that, that is stuff of nightmares" and promptly turned to finish logging returned books into the system to be shelved. 
What does she mean by that? Has she forgotten about the 2 missing girls now?  Something isn't right...


(The directions to this cabin are scribbled in the margins.  I don't remember seeing a cabin out there)

Published by Liz Zemlicka