Saturday Oct 3rd,2015

I went out to the cabin today. Someone appears to have been staying there and I think they were watching me. Everything around it is overgrown with weeds and tall grass and the cabin itself is in a state of disrepair but when I went inside, I expected to see everything covered in dust, and spiderwebs. There was plenty of dust and dirt but it appeared to be stirred up recently. That's when I got the uneasy feeling that they were still there. 

How can someone live like that? The windows are all broken out, I'm pretty sure I heard a family of squirrels somewhere in the ceiling and when I walked from room to room, I stumbled on what must have been Frank's bedroom.  The bed was neatly made, with a dirty patchwork quilt, when I got closer I could see the old blood spatter stains under a blanket of dust. I quickly left the room and shut the door. I guess he had no family left and his friend who found him probably assumed no one would enter the little cabin again so no one cleaned up. I wish I hadn't found that room. 

Behind the cabin, I saw something I didn't have time to check out. I only saw it from one of the windows, and I had that strong gut feeling to get out of there. It appeared there was a cellar of some sort, maybe an old root cellar, I saw the wooden door in the middle of the overgrowth, I could see the metal hinges, with no rust. I thought that was a little out of place, but I am not going out there again for a few days. I got home, locked my door behind me and shut all my shades, I am writing this by the light of my phone, I can't shake this feeling like someone followed me home and is still watching me. 

I know I won't sleep tonight.


It is now 3am, I finally fell asleep for an hour or so and I just heard a noise from outside my window like someone is out there. I'm afraid to look. Oh god, someone or something is now scratching on my window. What have I gotten myself into??  

Published by Liz Zemlicka