Friday, October 12, 2015

I spent the last week and a half at my friend Zoe's while they were "updating my apartment" I couldn't even bring myself to tell my best friend the truth. I feel much better now, back to normal. I'm getting antsy about that cellar though, maybe this weekend I will head back out there. Tonight is my first night back home, it's nice to be home but I would be lying if I said I wasn't nervous about what 3am might bring back. I guess we will see. 

Good night


Saturday, October 13, 2015 8am

The night went by without incident, I am happy to report. I am about to pack up a hiking bag and go for a hike in the woods again, I'm dying to know what is in that cellar. 


I took my journal with me, so I don't forget to write anything down. I am across the lake from the cabin, it looks so ominous in its little clearing with broken windows staring out like dead eyes, almost like it is watching me. Ok Lily, get a grip. 


The cellar door won't open, I think it's welded shut. Weird, why would someone do that?  I have been exploring the perimeter, the air doesn't feel so electric out here. 


I saw somebody, luckily I was just inside the tree line and saw him before he saw me, I'm scared to move from the bushes or he might see me. I think I got a decent look at him, he walked hunched over and with a limp, I couldn't tell how tall he really was, he was bald and wearing a heavy camouflage jacket, like a winter jacket. It's like 70 degrees out here. He didn't seem nervous or even aware of his surroundings, just hobbled straight into the cabin and has been in there for almost an hour now. I really want to run away but I'm too scared to move. Oh! I hear a door creaking maybe he's finally leaving...I don't see him anywhere. 

[the writing scribbles off over the page. She was reported missing on October 14th 2015. The weird part is, the journal keeps going for another couple weeks.  I will keep posting them, but they are unsettling and make me feel like I need to go out to this cabin with the police and search the area. I'm definitely not going alone...oh Lily, I hope you are still alive.  Zoe]

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