I made it out. The door was impossible to break out of, it wouldn't budge but the window in the wall, I had to squeeze and almost got stuck a couple times, I guess a diet of bread and water for however long I was in there shed some fat off and allowed me to make it through. 

Once my feet hit that grass, I just ran and ran with no idea what direction I was going. I had to stop and rest so I am hiding in some thick brush. Once I caught my breath, I have been listening to the forest. It's dead quiet, no wind, no animals, no birds. That scares me more than anything, he must be hunting me. I'm not sure I can run again, my legs feel like jello and I'm still pretty dizzy, if I just wiggle into this thick brush and use it as cover, maybe buy me some more time. 

It feels like hours have past with no sounds at all, I'm feeling a bit stronger, strong enough that I'm confident I can run again if I have to. Where are all the animals?   Wait, I think I hear the faint trickle of water, it must be the lake, if I can find it then I can follow it all the way to safety.

I need to be quick, it's really cold out here and I'm even colder since my clothes are wet with sweat. Maybe it let me go, he knew I would eventually wiggle through that window and after some effort, I would be free to be hunted...what was that? I'm pretty sure I heard a loud crack, faint enough to be coming from back by the cabin. I held my breath, waiting for more. Nothing came and now the birds are returning. Dawn light is giving the thick, overgrown weeds and trees a grey hue, it's actually quite beautiful. Sounds are back, it's a
Good time to run, I don't even know what direction to go in but if I can hear the lake behind me, if I run opposite that I shfould run into the road and maybe I could flag someone down to help me. 



[that was her last entry, she must have dropped the book when she ran again. I turned it into the police. The cabin and the forest around it were combed through. There was 2 sets of human remains found, neither is Lily. Franks body was exhumed from the town cemetery, remains were in his coffin as expected, but they weren't his remains, they were female. After checking dental records and sending out DNA testing, they had found Lucy Abraham. Alexandra was one of the other two, the third is still unknown but they determined she had been dead for 20 years. The official story is that Frank faked his own death and has been killing since the 60's. His cabin was ransacked by police and Feds, no Frank but someone has been living there. The Cellar door is scheduled to be bulldozed in tomorrow. I hope they find Lily.



Published by Liz Zemlicka