The scariest monsters are the ones we can't see. They hide among us, in plain sight, humans don't have the ability to see their true form. Until one fixes it's sights on you, instinct kicks in and you will see more than you ever have before, like taking off a blindfold you've worn since birth. The only problem is, you can't unsee it. All small towns have their secrets, with ours, no one would ever believe us so we keep it to ourselves and create stories to keep the truth from getting out. Our little town has the highest number of "hunting accidents" "car accidents" or "boating accidents" per year, in the whole state. We can't exactly write down "monster attack" or "ripped apart by some sort of animal then eaten". All kids grew up hearing the warnings and ghost stories of the thing in the woods. When we all got older, we stopped believing the stories. We thought they were just trying to scare us away from those woods. I mean come on, if there was a shape shifting monster living in our town, we would have seen if by now...right? I haven't told this story to any outsider, so to understand the event, you should know the history. According to the legend, there was a family living out in the woods in a log cabin, which allegedly is still there. The father went out hunting one day, when he came home, it was completely dark and he found his family murdered in the cabin. Now that is what he said happened. For reasons unknown, he continued to live there another month until someone came to check on him and found the bodies of the guys family, all partially eaten. They say a windigo possessed him and caused him to crave human flesh. There are many other stories about kids and adults going into those woods and never returning, no trace of them anywhere. I never believed all those stories, how come no one has gone missing in the past few years? Well I went to find answers, and I took my 3 best friends with. The morning we left it was the first day of summer vacation, we all packed a lunch and water bottles, and we made our trek into the forbidden forest. The first couple hours went by without any issues. We walked in silence most of the way, following Max. Max is always the leader, we wandered the forbidden forest most of the evening until darkness started to slowly blanket everything. We turned around to go back the way we came in. Only it wasn't, it was different in every way. It wasn't until we started passing things we had never seen before that we started to panic. I then could make out a clearing up ahead and suggested we go there and see if we can see the lights from our town. We hurried over there and when we broke into the clearing, we instantly forgot about looking for the lights. There it was, looming dark and foreboding, almost like it was smiling at us. We looked at each other with wide eyed stares, nobody could speak. We had found the log cabin.... (To be continued...)

Published by Liz Zemlicka