“Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world” – Marilyn Monroe

Don’t you just love it when you are able to give yourself those special treats or better yet, spoil your man silly not only because you want to, but also because you can afford it? It is much more wonderful when you do this not for any particular reason or celebration but just out of the blue……reveling in the fact that each day of your lives together is worth celebrating.

You send him an unexpected gift or gift basket when he is at the office or you try your hands on new recipes and break from the routine of everyday-regular-foods or you take him out for a romantic dinner or a romantic get-away or to the movies or any other nice gesture you can pull just to let him know you love him.

The feeling you get from this is awesome. I can very much attest to the fact that this gives me great joy, satisfaction and fulfillment. Spoiling a loved one is both sided and doesn’t always have to be the woman on the receiving end.

You just get to be creative and spice up your love life. Mundane is super boring……like seriously, out-and-out boring.

The best and most fun part is that all the money you spend is from your own pocket…..not the allowance he gives you, not the money other people may give you but out of the money you worked and labored for, say your salary for instance.

Uh uh….don’t you dare think this is you squandering money. Not at all. When he showers you with such wonderful gestures, I don’t hear you complain that he is been too extravagant. Sweetie, take it from me, love is a beautiful flower that should be watered always to keep it constantly blooming. Moreover, such gestures are a once-in-a-while thingy not an every day stuff so it doesn't become routine.


Men are not necessarily babies but they sure love to be pampered just as you do too as a woman. And c'mon, everyone deserves to be spoiled once in a while.

Such delightful gestures makes your man feel more loved, valued, appreciated and most importantly, it assures him he can count on you at any time – in and out of season. His respect for you soars way past the sky and he sees you not just as a woman, but as “his woman”. He sees you as “his queen” and he loves you even more.

It is absolutely uncool and completely wrong if you think your package as a woman comes with the tag of being a liability or burden to your husbands or boyfriends. Yes, it is the responsibility of the man to take care of his woman but that in no way means “suck the life out of him and drain every dime in his pocket”.

It is also your responsibility to take care of him too.

These days, men go for women who have something to bring to the table at least to reduce his financial burden. He works hard to provide a comfortable life for his family. You are created as his helpmate…..so you see how totally unacceptable it is for you to just sit down, cross your legs and wait for him to always provide. He is not an ATM machine, you know.

Now, woman has discovered herself and realized the so much assistance and help she can render her husband just as much she can impart positively on the world.

She may have been jeered at; mocked several times but she refused to be put down knowing her capabilities and believing strongly in herself.

Many a time, she has deluded herself into believing she is weak and that she needed fixing but it isn’t true hence she decides to see how life would be; how far she would go if she let go of that assumption and Oh! What a superb feeling it is and she can’t help but shout out loud……..


What makes an industrious and a determined woman a better choice than a pretty face that just sits on her butt all day, every day, doing nothing? Here are 31 reasons....

  • As opposed to earlier eras, where woman used to be a housewife who strictly takes care of the home and does house chores, women of these days refuse to just sit at home and do the chores. They realize that there is more to who they are than just housewives. They are blessed with skills and talents and they want to give of themselves to the society. THE TODAY'S WOMAN IS A  BOSS CHIC. 
  • The woman of today has woken up to her role as a HELP MATE, COMPANION and PARTNER of man. Gone are those days when she lives solely on the decrees and directives of her husband. She lovingly voices her opinions and makes her husband see reasons with how she can help carry the financial burden of the home.

While she is determined to make a success of her life, a real woman is not excessively go-getting as to compete with man or abandon her family to care for itself while she pursues her career. THE TODAY'S WOMAN IS AS WISE AS SHE IS TALENTED.

  • As she has risen up to her responsibilities as a resilient, gracious, multi-talented, helpful and compassionate individual who believes in herself and her capabilities, she is not proud but is compassionate and gently cares for all who comes within her reach. THE TODAY'S WOMAN IS HUMBLE.
  • With great determination and gladness, she tackles the tests and trials life throws at her. She is loved, respected and appreciated for her wonderful and loving nature. She spreads sunshine and love everywhere as she radiates God’s glory and grace continuously. THE TODAY'S WOMAN IS A HAPPY WOMAN.
  • She is not the type to wait on her man to provide all her needs. She goes out there and with her skills, she is able to bring something of value to the table as a means of assistance to her man. THE TODAY'S WOMAN IS CAPABLE.
  • She is composed and provokes such belief and confidence from her man too. He believes greatly in her and trusts in her ability to achieve all she sets her mind to do. THE TODAY'S WOMAN IS CONFIDENT.
  • She is secure, trustworthy and responsible. She doesn’t seek to do good only when she can gain from it. She is of an admirable and amiable character and treats others the way she wants to be treated. THE TODAY'S WOMAN IS GOOD-NATURED and FRIENDLY.
  • She prepares not only for the now but also for the future. She thinks ahead of what tomorrow might bring and puts all in place to help her meet her tasks and her family's needs. THE TODAY'S WOMAN IS A PLANNER.
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  • She is not one to settle for a life of mediocrity. She knows what she wants and works to achieve it. She is a woman of quality. THE TODAY'S WOMAN IS CREATIVE.
  • She caters for her family, household, employees and friends. She is not only ingenious in holding down the forte, she is a good manager with a lovable and beautiful heart. THE TODAY'S WOMAN IS RESOURCEFUL.
  • She may be a lady, but she sure as hell thinks like a man. She critically analyses situations and do not let her emotions get in the way. She trusts her instincts and guts to make the right decisions not just for the now but the future as well. THE TODAY'S WOMAN IS INTUITIVE.
  • She knows that in order for her to cater for her family, she has to be in good health of mind and body. She eats right, keeps fit, gets enough rest and lives happily. THE TODAY'S WOMAN TAKES CARE OF HERSELF.
  • She believes in not just working hard but also working smart. She puts things in place and takes proper measure to ensure nothing is lacking and all is going just fine. THE TODAY'S WOMAN IS LOGICAL and RATIONAL . 
  • She strives to get better at all she does especially her talents. She hones her skills everyday through education and learning something new each day. THE TODAY'S WOMAN DEVELOPS HERSELF.
  • She is absolutely caring. She lets her womanly nature come into play as she genuinely cares for others. She is the apple of her children's eyes. She is protective of her family and can make huge sacrifices for them. THE TODAY'S WOMAN IS MOTHERLY just as she is A MOTHER HEN.
  • Aha! She is always beautifully and elegantly dressed. She knows that her appearance is key in who she is and doesn’t jeopardize that. She believes in “dress the way you want to be addressed”. She puts on the right attire for every occasion. THE TODAY'S WOMAN IS CLASSY.
  • She is the crowning glory of her husband. He is super proud to have her as his companion, friend, soul mate and wife.He seats back, looks at her and smiles to himself, “How lucky am I to have such beauty as my own”.  THE TODAY'S WOMAN IS HER HUSBAND'S PRIDE.
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  • She makes it a thing of joy for her man to come home each day from work into her loving arms and share the stories of his day with her. She listens to him, encourages him, loves and cherishes him so much so that he feels happy to confide in her his deepest pain and great achievements. THE TODAY'S WOMAN IS HER HUSBAND'S JOY.
  • She is not one to nag her husband to frustration. She shows him support in his endeavors just as he strengthens and supports her in her dreams too. She earns the trust of her husband continuously. THE TODAY'S WOMAN IS SUPPORTIVE.
  • She realizes the fact that her home is her first office. However, as focused as she may be in her career or her dream to live a fulfilled life, she NEVER neglects her family.She puts her family first before all else. THE TODAY'S WOMAN IS A FAMILY WOMAN.
  • She is knowledgeable about happenings around her and in the world. She keeps herself abreast of situations and contributes her opinions where needed. THE TODAY'S WOMAN IS ENLIGHTENED.
  • She is intelligent and smart and expresses herself as such be it in her job, friendly conversations with others or her personal values. She makes people feel confident in seeking her advice. THE TODAY'S WOMAN IS APPROACHABLE.
  • She is organized, clean, neat and well thought-out. She takes charge of every moment. She does what she has in her schedule for the day and does not put off till the next day what she can accomplish at that time. THE TODAY'S WOMAN DOES NOT PROCRASTINATE.
  • She is not a people-pleaser. She has a voice and she uses them where and when necessary. She believes in saying “no” to requests politely when they are not convenient for her. She is not a doormat or a puppet. She has a mind of her own and takes a stand for what she believes in. She doesn’t just follow the crowd. She thinks for herself and does what is right by God and her conscience. THE TODAY'S WOMAN VOICES HER OPINIONS.
  • She is not only physically beautiful. She is beautiful at heart and that glow radiates on her brilliantly making her one of admirable and excellent beauty. She admits she has flaws but she doesn’t capitalize on them. She focuses on her strengths and improves on her weakness. THE TODAY'S WOMAN IS BEAUTIFUL.
  • She believes in herself and trusts in God for her potentials to be maximized. She chooses to let go of other people’s opinions knowing that the words of others only have power over her if she believes them but without her acknowledgement, the words are ineffective and feeble. She trusts only what God has to say about her. THE TODAY'S WOMAN KNOWS HER WORTH and VALUE.
  • She seeks the face of God in whatever action or decision she wants to take and she understands life better as she begins to see life through the eyes of God. THE TODAY'S WOMAN IS PRAYERFUL.
  • She knows there are times she is weak and when her heart is heavy, she just wants to cry it out. She doesn't see tears as a sign of weakness but of strength because once she is done crying, with head raised high, she walks through the present into her future bearing the words of Blessed Mother Teresa in mind, “Yesterday is gone, tomorrow has not yet come, we have only today. Let us begin”THE TODAY'S WOMAN IS EMOTIONAL yet STRONG.
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  • Sometimes, she is tempted to doubt herself and her potentials; she is tempted to run back into the shelter of her comfort zone. Suddenly, the world seems so big and she fears she wouldn’t make it out there all by herself but no! THE TODAY'S WOMAN FINDS LIFE OUT OF HER COMFORT ZONE.
  • Once she puts her mind to achieving something, she gets to work with so much zeal and the determination to always comes out successful. She believes in her self. THE TODAY'S WOMAN HAS ARDENT SELF-BELIEF.
  • She is an absolute delight and is the woman the Bible speaks about. THE TODAY'S WOMAN IS THE PROVERBS 31 WOMAN.

Does this woman sound too good to be true? No, she doesn’t because this is who we all as women should be. It is doable! It is achievable! It is woman at her best.

This is the woman I am now and will continue to be. Still a work in progress but I can confidently say it is an amazing journey of self-discovery, self-love and self-pride.

So ladies and gents, I am super proud to be A BOSS LADY and a PROVERBS 31 WOMAN because that is the best gift you can give to yourself and your man.

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