Have you ever thought that you forgot something when you went out from home for a long trip? Packing things for traveling is similar to finding good services where you can solve the any problems, like “write my college research paper”. We offer several useful tips for you to stay organized when traveling. 
1. The number one point in your checklist is documented (passport, driver’s license, birth certificates for children, visas, etc.). Write a list of documents you need during your trip and find a small waterproof wallet to preserve them from getting wet/oiled/dirty.  
2. Don’t forget to take your tickets if you’re traveling by bus/train/plain. Check your itinerary before starting to travel. 
3. Register for your plane in advance using online apps. This will save time and your nerves during the check-in procedure at the airport. 
4. Download all the necessary apps you may need during your trips like a taxi service or rent apartment service in the final destination point. 
5. Keep your money in different places. In this case, you will have enough funds to return home if the part of them is stolen or lost. 
6. Pack liquids (shower gel, sun cream, shampoo, etc.) you bring in your suitcase nicely because they can flow out to your things. This can make you crazy for sure. Use special packages with watering. 
7. It’s important to stay online with your family and friends. So, don’t forget to pack a portable power bank and a smartphone charge. If you don’t have it, buy one that can charge your smartphone for 1-2 times. Don’t forget to charge your phone before you start your trip not to worry about the level of charge. 
8. Good quality headphones are the must-have option during your trip because unwanted sounds may disturb you during the trip. 
9. A sleep mask is a good solution if you travel at night and need to have some rest during the day. It will protect your eyes against unwanted light. 
10. Think about a pair of comfortable shoes to be ready walking a lot. It’s better to have one pair of sports shoes and flip-flops. 
11. Don’t take much clothing not to make your trip boring. Take a minimum of what you need because it’s easier to wash, dry and wear again than carry heavy luggage. 
12. Weigh your suitcase before start traveling to avoid overloading. Paying extra for this can be stressful if you have a limited budget. 
13. Take enough food and drinks especially if you travel with children. It’s better to have some extra food/drinks because you don’t know where you can buy food/drinks next time. 
14. It’s good to have a collapsible bottle for water or thermos to always have a cold/warm water or tea/coffee. It depends on your individual needs. 
15. A travel pillow is an irreplaceable item for those traveling by car, bus or plane. It will help place your head in a comfortable position while traveling. We recommend using an air pillow as it doesn’t take a lot of space in your luggage and you can puff it up when needed.  
16. A small blanket can be useful if you travel during the cold time of the year. Consider taking a blanket scarf to stay warm as it’s of small bulk. 
17. Use GPS navigation not to get lost. It can be useful both if you’re traveling by car or by feet to find needed objects.
18. Sometimes we need to take off shoes when traveling. By wearing compression socks, you can avoid bed smell when doing this on a plane or a bus.
19. If you’re planning for a car trip, buy a magnetic mount for the car to hold your smartphone while navigating. It’s more comfortable than putting it on your knees. 
20. Always get a medium package of purifying wipes. It would be great if you take both wet and dry wipes not to get mad when giving a spot. 
21. Keeping your gadgets, cords, and chargers in a waterproof organizer is a good idea. So, buy it if you didn’t do it before. 
22. A pair of good-quality leggings will grant you the freedom of moves. Take two pairs to feel more comfortable when traveling. 
23. Don’t forget a cream for face and hands. It’s necessary to protect your skin especially if you’re traveling to the countries with extreme hot/cold climate. This will help not to lose control when seeing your tired face in a mirror. 
24. Take a big travel bag or tote with food if you travel with your family. Somebody in a family is always hungry. By keeping it next to you in a car, you can always have a snack without losing much time. 
25. When starting your trip, put your keys into special cover not to lose them because sometimes people are too much excited about their future impressions. Knowing where you exactly put your keys will help avoid stress when you come home and don’t find the keys. 
26. Feet comfort is one of the most important terms of a successful trip. Therefore, buy an adjustable footrest so you can provide comfort for your feet whenever you need this. 
27. If you are a lady and you want to stay stylish even during your trip, take a box for jewellery with you to put all your accessories in one place.  
 28. If you like to travel with comfort, buy a travel set made of cashmere to always stay cozy like at home! 
 29. Taking a special storage container for food with dividers is a good idea for family trips. You can divide food into several portions for each day not to puzzle over meals for all people. 
 30. When traveling with small children, check for the places on your way where you can change diapers and wash the kid. You may also use a portable station for changing diapers. 
 31. Having a portable lantern and a multi-purpose knife is beneficial if you plan camping. 

These are general recommendations, but you can develop your own using our hints. If you are prepared for your future trip well, nothing will ruin it.



Published by Mohaned Gadnne