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East Farewell – The 1958 East Farewell Flower Show opened on Friday March 7 under a huge tent erected on the Fairgrounds. The opening was preceded by a “Sneak Preview” Black Tie Dinner that was attended by some very special invitees, sponsors and participating florists. The last cold day of the winter are stubbornly clinging on but inside the tent spring was blooming all over.  The 67 florists taking part this year is a record for participants and a very happy note for Miss Donna Silverman, Flower Show Main Committee leader, who almost singlehandedly brought the Flower Show back from East Farewell’s history scrapheap. The Flower Show was cancelled two years ago when then chairwoman, Monica Shippensburg, became romantically involved with a ne’er-do-well named Romando who either stole or was given the entire Flower Show budget by Miss Shippensburg. Romando disappeared and has never been seen again. Miss Shippensburg took responsibility for the crime and was sentenced to house arrest and promised the make restitution. She has been faithful in her repayment plan and was just released from house arrest two months ago. Ironically, she was the only person injured when Lou’s Deli blew up just last month. She was struck in the head with a flying ham hock while walking down Main Street for the first time in two years.

            The new Flower Show opened officially Friday, March 7th and will run until Monday, March 17th. A new and exciting addition to the show was the extra day (Monday) that Miss Silverman added to hold a big sell-off of all the remaining blooms and plants to the public. “These florists don’t necessarily want to carry all this stuff home and they would love to turn it over to the public and make a couple of dollars in the mean time,” said Miss Silverman when asked to explain the extra day event.

            The displays, of course are the hit of the show. Many florists and contributors have set up beautiful displays, many with water features, walls and some had actual structures built. Imagination ran wild with the displays and originality and magnificence were the key words used to fuel the displays. It would take almost an entire day to wander through the entire show and soak up all beautiful scenes and smells. Turnout is expected to reach record levels. In the first days the floor has been flooded and there have even been lines at the entry areas as people line up early before the gates open. The cold weather does not seem to deter the flower loving public.   

            Mark your calendars and make sure you find time to visit the 1958 East Farewell Flower Show. You won’t be disappointed and you certainly don’t want to miss it.

1958 East Farewell Flower Show



East Farewell- The Cougars were able to extract a bit of revenge on the Southport Hawks besting them 56-50 in their game on Friday night. Earlier in the season the Hawks dominated the Cougars in a one sided game that the Hawks handily won, 50-46. Friday’s game was completely different. The Cougars have grown throughout the season. The young team has overcome some difficulties like losing their center for four games and having to work with new forwards and a young backcourt. Center, Dave McGill is getting stronger every game after his comeback three weeks ago and he was showing a new and improved understanding of his position. He was able control the middle of the court against one of the better centers in the league. Southport’s Bobby Thomas is considered by many to be the second best in the league but after Friday’s game McGill is giving him a run for his money. McGill was able to grab 15 rebounds, assist in 12 points and score 14. Thomas was able to garner 16 rebounds but only had 6 assists and was held to 10 points.

            The game was not the lopsided affair that previous game was. In the first half the lead went back and forth and there was no more than a 6 point difference but in the second half the Cougars were able to build a 10 point lead at one point and the Hawks were unable to generate a strong enough offense to get back into the game. With only 1 minute left the Hawks made their last run and were able to close the gap back fell six points short. The Cougars win puts them in third place in the league all alone. They will finish off their season next week at home against the Slate Mountain Miners. The game will begin at 4:300 in the Regional High Gymnasium



In Monaco - a 21-gun salute sounds at the arrival of a baby boy - heir to the throne - for Prince Rainier and Grace Kelly.

President Batista of Cuba suspends civil rights throughout the revolt-torn country, only to see his entire 22-member Cabinet walk out. Batista immediately names a new Cabinet.  Cuban rebel leader Fidel Castro issues a 22-point ultimatum from his mountain headquarters for President Fulgencio Batista to resign by April 5. In the letter, Castro said a “fight to the finish” would be launched by his guerrilla fighters and by a band of roving terrorists everywhere, beginning on that date.

Dick Clark - idol of teenagers everywhere since his Philadelphia dance show “Bandstand” went national last August, does a lot of television. The show airs from 3:00 to 3:30 and 4 to 5pm eastern on ABC, but he also does an hour-long local version over WFIL-TV (Channel 6) from 2:30 to 3:00pm, and 3:30 to 4:00pm - for a grand total of two-and-a-half hours each weekday afternoon. As if that weren’t enough, Clark drives to New York for a half-hour version of the program on Monday Nights. “A small part of my mail - about 1%, comes from people who don’t like the present trend in popular music. If you don’t like it, there’s not much anybody can do about it. It’s like trying to change someone’s taste in salad dressing. Some prefer Roquefort; others can’t stand it.” Clark resides in Drexel Hill, PA with his wife and their one-year-old son, Richard.

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