My son is 8.5 months old and hasn't cut any teeth yet. He has been teething on and off for a while, and some days are definitely better than others. This past week or so has been by far the worst! I was asking friends in my circle of mom friends for remedies. As a first time mom, it can be overwhelming not knowing what to do to ease your baby's pain. I have compiled a list of my top few suggestions that have worked for me over the past (almost) nine months; some work better than others. 

  1. Infant Tylenol - This is a staple for us! It also helps in case your little one gets a fever. We have our fair share of low grade ones.
  2. Teething ring/teething toy - Gabriel has a set of teething keys that we can freeze and he likes to chew on that to help numb and ease the pain in his swollen gums. This is another thing we do not leave the house without!
  3. Cold wet rag - I have found that giving my son a rag to chew on helps him feel better and he calms down. As long as he has something to chew on, he is okay. 
  4. Popsicles - I have not used these yet, but this was a suggestion I received from one of my close friends who nannies little kids. She says it helps a lot!

Of course not all of these things will work for every child, but they can be used as a guideline. I am open to any more suggestions as well!

Published by Sarah Tipton