Thursday, March 26, 1959   Vol. C717



East Farewell – The Fabulous Flower Show closed with a bang on Monday or more appropriately a ka-ching. The cash registers were singing and the people were just below the frantic level. After fourteen days of floral festivity the show closed up with the last big sell off where almost all the participants sold off all their displays, arrangements and even some props to eager buyers. The beautiful weather made the show even more spectacular. Side panels of the huge tent that were housing the show were lifted top increase the air flow through the area. The warm weather seemed to increase the fresh fragrances from all the floral displays which made the area even more appealing.

            The show officially closed on Sunday night with an awards ceremony that has taken on a fun and somewhat humorous attitude. Most of the big displays like local favorite, Beverly’s on Main went all out with water features and in Beverly’s case a small wave pool. The Most Majestic prize did go to Beverly’s on Main while the Grand Prize this year went to Bill’s Flowers from nearby Fort Lee. The beautiful display was made up of orchids, lilacs, chrysanthemums and hydrangea all neatly arranged in a garden like setting that was bisected by a flowing stream. The Most Original went to local Doris Darling who presented a stunning collection of roses with evergreens and holly. The Happiest Spring Sense went to Dale Garner from Garner’s Garden. This year she mixed daises, pansies and lilacs into a gorgeous, enormous bouquet that brought a smile to everyone’s face. This year there was a new award given but there really was only one contestant. Dr. Quigley E. Dandridge has crafted an outrageous display for two years now and this year he had two mechanical mannequins dressed as baseball players, one looked like local hero Johnny Cloos, that pitched and hit a baseball into centerfield that hit the top of the wall and knocked over a flower box filled with wild flowers that tumbled down into the waiting mitt of an outfielder. How Dr. Dandridge made the contraption work was a closely guarded secret but it worked almost flawlessly every ten minutes for the entire show. The new award was called the Most Creative Presentation. Dr. Dandridge was very pleased with the award.

            The Big Sell-Off went off flawlessly, opening at 9:00AM the people had been waiting for almost an hour. Most people had already decided on what they wanted and made their way right over to where they wanted to go. Since there was break down and clean up going on at the same time there was confusion and chaos but it was all fun for the shoppers. The construction workers tolerated the people milling around and somehow managed to deconstruct the whole show by 4:00PM. The tent was down by 7:00PM and the only thing left of the show was great memories and beautiful leftover bouquets and plants. The committee had already begun planning for next year.

Doris Darling’s Most Original Display



Slate Mountain – The Cougars were hoping to finish off the season with a five game winning streak and gain and second place seed in the tournament. That did not happen. The Slate Mountain Miners were able to pull off a final shot win in a very closely fought game. The Miners had tried to beat the Cougars earlier in the season with a tough press but the Cougars were able to shut it down by playing well disciplined basketball. This time around the Miners came straight at the Cougars and showed they had learned a lot throughout the season. The Miners center, Alphonse Dillarti, had learned a lot since his first meeting with Hawkins. They battled for control of the center and the result can only be called a draw. They both ended with four fouls and coincidentally they both scored 12 points. Hawkins had a slim 10-8 lead in rebounds but Dillarti had a 12-10 lead in assists. During the last game the Cougars back court completely controlled the game. Fox and Mackenzie were able direct that game but this game the Miners backcourt of Amari and Scanlon matched Fox and Mackenzie move for move. The game went back and forth with neither team able to establish a rhythm. The end of the first half was tied 26 all. The second half was the same back and forth it was very exciting but very exhausting for both teams. The game came down to the last minute when Hawkins was able to roll past Dillarti and tie the game at 50. There were only 30 seconds left and the Miners were able to get the ball inbounds just in time and Scanlon was able to sneak past Fox but got tied up by Tasker and had to pass back to Amari who circled it around to Dillarti who got the ball with only 3 seconds left. He was matched up against Cougars forward Joey Mitchell. Dillarti started to drive on Mitchell but stopped short and let a jump shot fly as the clock ran out. The ball hit the rim and bounced straight yup in the air and then fell through the net for the win, 52-50.

            The Cougars were still able secure a playoff spot and will most likely play the Riverview Wildcats in the first round of the playoffs. The Wildcats have won both matchups this season and sit in second place behind Corning in the standings. The final playoff matchups will be published after the last game of the season is played. If the Cougars play the Wildcats it will be in the Regional High Gym next week on Friday night beginning at 7:30PM.



President Eisenhower and Prime Minister Macmillan reach agreement on the need for negotiating with the Soviet Union for a European settlement and general accord on the terms on which they will meet Nikita Khrushchev at a summit conference. Macmillan has been in Washington with the President.

The Dalai Lama, (23) young spiritual leader of Tibet is placed under house arrest by the Communist Chinese and is being “persuaded” to proceed to Peking. The Reds fear the continued presence of the Dalai Lama in the Tibetan capital of Lhasa is lending moral support to Tibetan tribesmen who have been fighting a guerrilla resistance ever since the Communist invasion of 1950.

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