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East Farewell- A new, classy social event debuted on Wednesday night as the Flower Show Committee hosted a “Secret Sneak Preview Festive Formal Dinner” kicking off the 1958 Flower Show in grand fashion. The Committee chaired by Miss Donna Silverman, sent out 75 invitations to sponsors and participants and opened up a portion of the huge tent erected on the Fairgrounds that afforded a view of the floor of the show but no one was allowed to go on the floor proper. The dinner was catered by several local establishments including the Lost Oasis and Lou’s Deli. There was after dinner music provided Gus Templeton and his Swing Band. The real star was the floor of the Flower Show that was attracting long stares and very deep analysis by all the attendees.

            The Flower Show officially opens tomorrow and is expected to be fabulous. This year has more florists, more exhibits, more teaching events in all just more of everything. The show will run longer than any show before it, staying open three days longer and with the Sneak Preview Dinner it is opening three days earlier. No one is complaining, though. This event has come back strong from some difficult times a couple of years ago and everyone is extremely happy about that.

“Sneak Peak” Flower Show Dinner



Fort Lee – The Cougars got back on the winning wagon last week when they convincingly beat the Captains, 52-47. The Captains have been having a hard year with their entire starting lineup made up sophomores. They have improved through the course of the season but their inexperience and lack of leadership has taken its toll on the team. The Cougars beat the Captains earlier this season in their only other meeting and Fridays game was not much different. The Cougars took a quick 6-0 lead and then started to take run and shoot position for the rest of the first half. The Captains were able to keep the score close and at one point they were able to take a lead, 16-14, but that was short lived and the Cougars were able to go into the locker room at the half ahead 27-23.

            The Captains came out in the second half with a pressing defense to try to slow down the running Cougars. The tactic worked and the Cougars shifted out of the running game and back to their more straight forward, methodical game that was highlighted with sharp passes, cuts and very strong floor management. While this type of game has been the Cougars breads and butter this season it wasn’t as exciting as the loose, free-wheeling game they showed in the first half. The straight forward game did produce the desired results though, they worked the center and they were able to shoot very successfully from the outside. The Captains were just unable to keep up.

            Cougars center, Dave McGill, led all scorers with a total of 18 points followed by Fergal Conner with 14 and forward Don Tasker with 14 also. Walter Ferguson came in off the bench and scored a surprising 10 points in the second half. The Captains lead scorer was their center Billy Hogan with 20 followed by center, Frank Dunn, with 12.

            The Cougars return home next week to take on the Southport Hawks who beat them earlier this season, 50-46. The Cougars hope the home court advantage will be in force for this game because the two teams are a fair match and both are sitting at third place in the league standings. The game begins on Friday evening at 7:30PM in the Regional High Gymnasium.



Speaking to reporters, Sen. John F. Kennedy predicts sweeping Democratic victories this year.  “Victory is in the air - the handwriting is on the wall - this is going to be the greatest Democratic year since 1936,” he promised. “What we need in America today is not so much confidence in the economy but confidence in our leadership. The Soviets have outshone us in scientific achievements. They have outmaneuvered us in trade and aid. They have outstripped us in the race for ultimate weapons and outer space.” Kennedy told his audience the Democrats could pick up as many as 12 Senatorial seats this year on their way to a Presidential triumph in 1960. 

Near Prestonburg, Kentucky a school bus loaded with children hits a wrecker and an automobile and drops into a rain-swollen river. Some 23 children died.

Hundreds of students from Arizona State College at Tempe demonstrate wildly at the State Capitol. The students were protesting proposed legislation which would change the name of their school to Tempe University.

At the movies -

The Brothers Karamazov - Yul Brynner, Maria Schell, Claire Bloom

Witness for the Prosecution - Tyrone Power, Marlene Dietrich, Charles Laughton

I Accuse! - Jose Feffer, Anton Walbrook

The Tarnished Angels – Rock Hudson, Robert Stack

Paths of Glory - Kirk Douglas

Darby’s Rangers - Frank Gifford

Bonjour Tristesse - Deborah Kerr, David Niven

Seven Hills Of Rome - Mario Lanza

Raintree County - Montgomery Clift, Elizabeth Taylor, Eve Marie Saint

Walt Disney’s Old Yeller

Demoniaque - Francois Perier

Please Mr. Balzac - Brigitte Bardot

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