The male kurta pajama never goes out of fashion. It is one of the most elegant and classical Indian outfits for men since time immemorial. Both young and old men can flaunt kurta pajama. There are various styles and designs available in the market today. However, when it comes to accessorizing this traditional Indian attire during winter, the following accessorizing tips come in handy-

How can you accessorize men’s kurta pajama during winters?

The biggest advantage of winters and the kurta pajama is men today can embrace a wide array of fashion trends for creating positive first impressions. One should also note that a majority of Indian weddings take place during the winter seasons, and the men prefer to wear designer kurta pajama sets to wedding ceremonies and events. The following are some simple tips to help you accessorize the kurta pajama for men during winters-

  1. Drape a shawl- Wear a nice warm, elegant shawl with a kurta pajama for men suit. There are several styles that you can check out online when it comes to draping the shawl in the right way. The drape boosts your look and elegance.
  2. Long sleeves- Choose kurtas that have long sleeves and made from thick fabric. Experts in Indian ethnic fashion suggest you should avoid cotton kurtas when it comes to winters.  You can also find amazing designer kurta pajama sets online if you need to attend weddings or any other event in the cold season.
  3. Kurta bottoms- When you are choosing the bottoms for your kurta during winters, ensure the fabric gives you warmth. If you wear a bottom made of thin material, you will end up shivering in the cold, specifically if you are outside the home. Never wear a dhoti during winters with your kurta as the air will pass through your legs and fabric, making you feel cold.
  4. Sport a Nehru jacket- A Nehru jacket syncs in with a kurta and pajama perfectly. You will not only feel warm, but you will look fashionable as well. There are several styles and designs of Nehru jackets available in local and online stores. Choose a jacket that complements the look and style of your kurta with success.

Casual look for your kurtas during the winters

If you want to go casual with your kurtas during winters, you may choose a good pair of jeans and churidar pants for them. However, make sure the bottoms you choose keep out the cold so that you are not uncomfortable during the winters.

Therefore, if you wish to sport the Indian kurta and pajama this winter, ensure you keep the above accessorizing tips in mind. You can look for fashion advice and ideas from sites that specialize in Indian men's clothing. Some websites sell kurtas and accessories, especially for winters. Pair your kurtas pajama suits with the right shoes. This Indian attire looks good on every male. You can check out credible sites online to order some elegant and stylish formal and casual kurta pajama sets for men to flaunt them in style this winter!

Published by Zoe Sewell