It’s a few months into the New Year, which means it is the perfect time for a retrospective. Just when you thought things couldn’t get crazier than they were, 2018 proved everybody wrong, with news story after news story filled with details that seemed rip from a work of fiction. And while much of the news focused on the tragedies of the world, there were some positive notes.

This post will look at four of the most amazing news stories of the past year. Sure, there were a lot of divisive stories this past year, but this post has instead chosen to highlight positive – and positively unbelievable – anecdotes from the whirlwind that was 2018. Here, without further ado, are your top four amazing news stories of the past year.


A Deep Dive Into The Thai Cave Rescue

For two weeks in late June / early July, all eyes were on the Chiang Rai province in Thailand, as rescue efforts began to save a junior team of soccer players who became stuck in a cave. The team of young boys found themselves stuck when the water in the ThamLuang Nang Non cave abruptly started rising.

What would follow was one of the most talked about news stories of the year, as rescuers worked tirelessly against a ticking clock to get the boys out safely, before their supplies ran out. One brave diver gave his life, but eventually the team was rescued unscathed. Even Elon Musk, the tech billionaire, made his way into the news story – although for all the wrong reasons.


Up in Smoke – Cannabis Legalization in Canada

In mid-October of last year, Canada awoke to find that cannabis was legal. Riding a wave of new research into the benefits of the drug, once thought to be harmful, Canada made the sensible decision to pursue legalization. With the lifting of the ban of cannabis came a proliferation of new products, ideas and approaches aimed at bettering the experience of cannabis – Canadians could all of a sudden try these high quality infused teas and edibles made by chefs, instead of plain old smoking. You might say the decision has sparked up a little joy.


A Different Brand of Royal Wedding

What to say that hasn’t already been said about the Meghan Markle, Prince Harry wedding? Surrounded by royal family, celebrities, paparazzi and eager onlookers, the two were married at St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle. The pastor gave an impassioned sermon that was altogether unconventional for what is usually a buttoned up crowd. Between the unorthodox ceremony, and the silly tabloid stories surrounding the wedding, this was definitely a different kind of royal wedding… a very 2018 kind of wedding.


Mega Millions? Try Billions.

Not all news stories were national or international in nature. Some were noteworthy less for their public impact than for their sheer amazingness. Case in point: a South Carolina resident who won a whopping, record-breaking $1.57 billion jackpot, in a single ticket win. The story did such a great job at captivating North Americans that CBS named it their biggest news story of the year. It’s strange to think, in a year of such upheaval and change, that a simple story about a get-rich ticket could draw the most attention.

Those are your top four news stories of the past year. Who knows what 2019 has to offer, but it’s safe to assume that next year’s list will look just as amazing. 

Published by Ann Simpson