Your bathroom is supposed to be the place where you prepare for the rest of the day and relax after work. This means you want to use your bathroom without encountering any type of a blunder. Still, there are plenty of things can go wrong in your bathroom and whether you like it or not, you’ll have to deal with them. And knowing what to do when something goes wrong in your bathroom can be a real life saver. That said, here’s a list of 4 most common bathroom problems and tips on how to deal with them.

A major leak

Even the smallest leak has the ability to create a real disaster in your bathroom. Water can easily damage your flooring, walls and appliances you have in your bathroom. Therefore, in case you start experiencing a leak, make sure you call in an emergency plumber as soon as possible. Until they arrive, you can wipe the area with a rag in order to prevent the water from spreading. Also, if the leak is on the ceiling (which happens often), we recommend using a bucket to catch the droplets. Of course, these tricks are only going to buy you some time before your plumber arrives. Once the problem is deal with, take a closer look at anything you believe might’ve been damaged by water and leave it to dry.

Broken toilet handle

Even though you may have never gave it much thought, the handle on your toilet is an important part of your bathroom. Unfortunately, these tend to break pretty easily and prevent you from flushing. Of course, this is something you’ll want to deal with as soon as possible. If you know your way around the tools, you should be able to replace the handle yourself. Still, replacing the handle can sometimes be more difficult than it seems, and in situations like this, turning to the pros is something you can never go wrong with. Just make sure you find a new handle that fits your toilet just like the old one did.

Blocked sink

Pipes in your sink can easily get blocked and prevent you from using it. Not only this, but if water starts gathering up in your sink it’ll create unpleasant smell which is definitely something you’ll want to avoid. Most probably, things like hair, dirt and shampoo have blocked your sink and you’ll have to remove the entire thing in order to clean the pipes. Even though you may be able to do this yourself, bear in mind that cleaning blocked sinks can get pretty messy. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to have experts who deal with blocked sinks help you out. They’ll get the job done in no time and you’ll be able to use your sink once again.

Low water pressure in the shower

Keeping your showerhead working is supposed to be pretty simple. Still, sometimes you might end up having to run around your shower just to get the water running from it. In most of the cases, it’s a limescale build up that’s causing the problem. Limescale can build up either in your showerhead and/or in the hose. Luckily, this is a pretty easy problem to deal with. All you’re supposed to do is clean both your showerhead and hose, and you’ll have water running in no time. Detach the showerhead and clean all the limescale you find in it. If you don’t find any, make sure you detach the hose as well and clean it thoroughly.

Knowing what to do in bathroom emergencies like the 4 we’ve mentioned above can save you a lot of time and effort. Just make sure you clean and maintain your bathroom regularly and you won’t experience these too often.


Published by Emma Lawson