Although I am young Romanian girl, I’ve met some traditions which are, in my opinion, directly related to superstitions. These traditions come mostly from the popular beliefs. However, they’ve been passed from one generation to another. They might appear quite bizarre for someone who isn’t used to them. I think the following traditions are specifically Romanian, but I’m not 100% sure they don’t happen elsewhere, too.

Let me know if you’ve ever heard of them, ok?


1. “Strigoii” are driven away by garlic

“Strigoii” are human souls which, during the night, can transform into a ghost or an animal and harms the alive. In the popular belief, it’s thought that the souls can’t stand the garlic’s smell, so they’ll go away. The garlic is put at the doors, in order to protect the house.


2. In March, the elders don’t dare to say “snake”

It’s believed that the ones who will pronounce the word in this month will meet them on the acre when they go working.


3. Unmarried girls are dressed in bride dresses

The women who die without being married are dressed in bride dresses, as it’s said that the funeral will also be wedding for them. There is also this speculation I’ve heard that they are dressed so to be able to marry in the afterlife. The age doesn’t matter; children and adult women are both dressed in such a manner.


4. When someone dies, the glasses in the house are covered

The first thing done when someone dies is to have all the glasses in the house covered. It’s though that if done otherwise, the soul of the dead will get trapped in the glass and won’t be able to reach the peace the afterlife should bring.

What bizarre tradition has your country? I’d love to enrich my knowledge, so let me know.

Have inspiration,

Rebecca Radd

Published by Rebecca Radd