Social media marketing offers a lot of benefits when done properly and carefully. It can lead to a company’s success in terms of sales, popularity, consumer loyalty, and stability. However, it can also terminate a company if strategies done do not match the goals and objectives. A company has to be aware of the common mistakes in social media marketing presented below to lessen the possibility of failure and increase chances of becoming triumphant in the field.

Mistake 1: Poor Content

Social media require not just content, but high-quality content. Marketers have to keep in mind that content is their gateway to drive prospective customers. They have to realize that content is published online to both inform and entertain the online audience.

There are marketers who just create content for the sake of having one. This becomes a problem because when poor content is made, online users may not get curious about the company and many thinks that it is another fraud or scam.

Mistake 2: Lack of a Clear Set of Goals

Many marketers believe they have a clear set of goals and know where they are headed. However, the reality is that most of them become lost on their way because they do not hold a road map.

Knowing what the company really wants to accomplish and achieve at the end of the course is very much essential. Goals are like a compass that teaches marketers the right direction. Without these, marketers may just go with the flow and may not meet their target sales because they failed to reach out to their specified market.

Mistake 3: Disregarding Negative Comments and Questions

Another social media marketing mistake is neglecting pessimistic comments and inquiries.

No matter how great promotional efforts, products, and services are, people will always have negative comments. This is because people have individual interests, likes, and perceptions about things. Marketers become disheartened with these negative comments, and thus, ignore them. These negative comments, however, should not be taken for granted because they help marketers improve their craft.

Moreover, because of too much focus on creating good content, marketers tend to keep customers’ questions unanswered. If customers are not assisted properly or are not given attention, they might get disappointed about the company.

Mistake 4: Advertisement Overload

Online users do not only use social media to look for products and services. They also use it for entertainment and social interaction. For this reason, advertisements that consistently pop and get displayed on their pages or profiles might irritate them. This is overlooked by some marketers. They think that frequent display of advertisements will make them gain consumers. Yes, a number of consumers will be gained but too many advertisements may also make them turn their back on a company.

To avoid committing this mistake, marketers should schedule their posts. Schedule here does not mean a fixed schedule because interaction with customers through ads must be spontaneous and consistent. Marketers may continue to post content but at least twenty to forty percent of this content should be interactions with online users. This may involve commenting on other’s posts, answering queries, or liking photos or videos. Through this, consumers will see that marketers are not just after advertising their products or services, they are also after making bonds with their customers. 

Published by Kavita Paliwal