Working in a toxic environment doesn’t exactly make it enjoyable to wake up in the morning and go into the office, which is why companies that don’t have a positive work culture tend to have high employee turnover overrated. As research from Deloitte underscores, 88% of employees and 94% of executives believe a strong corporate culture is a key factor in a business’ success, with the most exceptional organizations creating and sustaining a culture that motivates and engages their employees.

Whether you’re an employee seeking a better job or someone who is running a business and would like to see what it takes to create an awesome workplace culture, these are the top companies to take a close look at.


Google is well-known for its many standout perks. It recently came out at No. 1 in a list of 50 best companies to work for as voted anonymously by employees who were asked to rate their workplaces between January and November of 2017, offering everything from flexible work schedules to free, organic chef-prepared meals, massages, a dog-friendly environment and all sorts of office games. They even have a giant Android phone in the lobby where staff members can take a break to play Angry Birds.

The company also gives its employees the freedom to be creative, allowing them to solve big problems while increasing workers’ happiness, which has a direct link to greater productivity.


Genetech is a company that sets the gold standard when it comes to perks, with employees especially appreciating the six-week paid sabbatical on their six-year anniversary, and every six years after that. The organization also provides on-site child care, spa treatments, a full-service fitness center, bicycle repair, haircuts, shuttle services to the office and more.


Employees at Netflix may have to adhere to stricter standards than most, but they aren’t judged by hours worked, required to follow specific vacation policies or monitored with annual reviews. Instead, they’re evaluated according to their accomplishments and abilities. The streaming company recently began offering unlimited parental leave and employees are encouraged to take six weeks of vacation each year. When they are at the office, they can enjoy the 200-person theater that’s right on-site, showcasing upcoming Netflix movies and series.


If you like to travel, you may want to consider working for Airbnb. It gives its employees $500 every quarter, or $2000 per year, to travel and stay in an Airbnb listed-accommodation anywhere in the world. Employees have also cited the outstanding benefits for parents on that include family activities year-round, $100 a quarter, pretax childcare and working hours that help supporting a parenting schedule


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