All homes should have a toilet. According to, everyone is entitled to a clean and safe toilet. Unclean toilets can cause infections to you and your family. When using the toilet, you need to take care of it because you are not the only one using it. This applies to all toilets, at home or in public. Taking care of the toilet doesn’t have to be complicated or gross. It can include simple tasks like flushing after use, handling the toilet parts with care, and ensuring that your waste gets into the toilet bowl. All these are things you can do. However, as time goes by, your toilet may get worn out and need replacement. Below are signs that you need to be on the lookout for before replacing your toilet;


Water leakages are common in most homes. Whenever you notice water on the floor of your toilet that isn’t from the sink or bathroom, you should be worried. This is because the water might be leaking from the cracks of your toilet or your tank. If the water is leaking from the toilet bowl, then it is dangerous for the whole family. This is because the water might be contaminated. The contaminated water can cause damages to your floor. It can also cause infections to the people living in the house. It will be easier and cheaper to replace such a toilet than spending a lot more money on your health in a hospital.

2.Appearances and décor

Sometimes the toilet may not look appealing, probably because it is too old. It is also good to know the lifespan of your toilet. When a toilet is too old, the original color fades off. Some colors look terrible when they fade. This can be one sign that your toilet requires a replacement. Your house décor speaks a lot about you. The toilet is also part of the interior design. Whenever you are changing the themes and flooring colors, it is also wise for you to change your toilet so that it matches all your latest designs and trends.


Using the toilet is an activity that requires you to be relaxed and at ease. For that to happen, you need a comfortable toilet. One major way to know that your toilet needs replacement is if it has stopped being a comfortable place for you. The toilet seat should be suited for your body shape and size. If that’s not the case, you might just be in need of a new toilet. If you can afford to make the change, choose a more comfortable option.


The other sign that you should consider looking out for is the numerous times that you have done repairs. If you have received drain cleaning Toronto services severally but it has not helped unclog your toilet, it might be time for a replacement. You should also be considerate of how often you do repairs. If the sum of money used to do your repairs is huge, then it's easier for you to just replace the whole toilet. 

Published by Lucy Jones