The world seems to be walking towards modernization so fast that people are losing their basic morals and ethics real sooner. The age limits for carrying our certain operations are long overlooked and no more limited to the given age. Like for consuming alcohol, the minimum age ranges from 18-21, at least after becoming an adult but it is a long forgotten age group because nowadays even the teenagers have become addicted towards drinking. Our society should change their perspectives towards drinking of alcohol which only sees it as a source of enjoyments but the harmful effects it causes on our health and social life is too perilous.

Let us discuss some of them below:

  • It leaves you with total blackouts and decreased mental health condition- when a person consumes alcohol to a greater extent, it leaves them with all kinds of mental health conditions that are really dangerous for their own self. Like people face anxiety issues, anger and mood swings, hallucinations and total blackouts when an excess of alcohol occurs in their body. Also, at some point it drives you to depression and other mental agonies of you do not have control over your drinking habits.

  • It directs you towards executing crimes which you may not otherwise do- a huge chunk of crimes occur today due to the effects of alcohol on human brains. It makes people rebellious and unruly, resulting in committing heinous crimes like rape, thrashing, and even murders at times. Moreover, the rise in the cases of reckless driving while heavily drunk that leads to severe accidents are also high. Thus, a person who is otherwise normal is lead towards crime when under the influence of alcohol.

  • It summons you to hazardous diseases, even death in severe cases- we all know about the harmful effects that alcohol possesses on our physical health. From damaging our vital organs to leading us towards cancer, people suffer from all these health issues due to excessive drinking of alcohol. And the minor health troubles include nausea, vomiting, hangovers amongst others!

  • It leaves you socially isolated- it is obvious that the section of the society who refrains from such addictions would not allow themselves or their near ones to be indulged with those who are alcohol addicts. Hence, it is a known case that people who are too addicted to drinking are often isolated by a portion of the society and left stranded all alone to deal with life.

The reasons why people become addicted to alcohol varies according to the diverse circumstances. Some tastes it purely out of curiosity while some get indulged in the addiction to shy away from their stressful life troubles but none of them realize about the harmful impacts it would have on their health at a later stage. Thus, we must need to educate people about the various harmful effects of alcohol from a young age so that the upcoming generation remains safer from it; the more careful we are the more the chances of a better survival.


Published by Addie Davison