Most of us cannot spend so much on the renovation of our homes, but we all want it to look like the one shown in magazines. There always lies a solution to every problem out there in the world, and so has this one. Getting it done is a little tricky and challenging, but is worth the effort.

You can do this by following specific ideas which won’t affect your budget to a significant level, but your house will get in much better shape because of them. Here are the ideas that you can and must apply to achieve the desired goal, on a budget.

Start with the Living Room

The living room is the place in your where life happens. You spend the tiring evenings and spend time with family and friends there. So, this is the place where luxury has to start. To do this, you can start with throw pillows. Replacing them is not an expensive thing, and is really going to make the room look luxurious.

To add more flavor to the luxury, you should cover your television with a fancy mirror. The black screen hanging on the wall does not look good at all times. But this can sometimes get expensive. To avoid the extra expenditure here, you can cover the surrounding walls with some artwork to make the screen disappear to an extent.

You can also give modern look to your living room and brighten your home with creative interior lighting ideas

Do not ignore the garden

This is where people get wrong. They spend the entire amount on the indoors and ignore the outdoors. The reality, however, is that your home starts from outdoors. Also, the first impression is the last impression. Garden is already naturally so aesthetic that it does not need you to spend much to make it look all the more beautiful.

Water features in the garden evolve the landscape in a much better way, and thus, you must consider adding some kind of waterscape to your garden. There’s nothing in this world as peaceful as the sound of water. You can use a fraction of the garden’s area to install a pond and make your garden, and eventually, the home, look expensive, without spending too much.

Keep the house clean

This idea might not seem to fit in the renovation context, but is helpful before and after that is done. Have you ever seen an expensive home on a magazine or the internet in a state of mess? I know you haven’t, and this is why the point makes a complete sense. Regular cleaning of the house plays a major role in making it look as if it were an expensive one.

A luxury space is not the material, but area. So just get rid of the unnecessary items that you no longer think are of your use. The most irritating thing that you can see in a messy room is the clothes lying here and there. Fold them, and keep them where they are supposed to be. This is the most important step in making a home, a luxurious one.

Kitchen & Washrooms are a part of your home

People often forget, or perhaps ignore two of things that make a home look magnificent. This is where most of your money will be spent because you need to change the hardware at these places, which is not that inexpensive.

Flooring at these places tend to get dirty much sooner than at any other part of a home. So you should get it changed if you think the area demands for it.

Final Words

So, this is how you can make your home look expensive, without its actually being that expensive. A few simple steps and ideas that, if you consider, can bring a lot of difference to your home without ripping your bank account.

Published by Janice Cook