Everyone should experience hunting at least once in their lives. It can teach patience, discipline, and focus in order to achieve successful results. Plus, nothing beats the satisfaction that comes with providing food for your home with your own hands.

However, hunting can be intimidating for those who have never been introduced to it before. People who didn’t grow up with guns in the household may feel like it’s too late for them to start.

That couldn’t be farther from the truth. Anyone can get into hunting regardless of age, gender, or upbringing. In fact, if you are interested in the hobby and are looking to buy a hunting rifle, then make an informed decision when choosing.

Start by considering these top four hunting rifle picks for beginners:

1) Henry Single Shot

Single shots are great to start with, because they can be especially helpful in teaching individuals how to patiently load, aim, and fire a weapon without the fuss of a magazine.

Henry’s gorgeous wood stocks are great for those who want more weight—which can help beginners with aim and steadiness.

This model comes in the most basic of rifle calibers, so you can start with something light, like a .223 or .243.

It’s generally not recommended for beginners to go heavy and use rounds like the .45-70 Government. People new to hunting should start light then work up the caliber ladder.

2) .22LR Crickett

The Crickett has been many individuals’ first gun and is a great option for younger boys and girls. This single shot rifle has little kickback and has a short barrel easy for little arms to handle.

The Crickett is a gun that uses the .22 Long Rifle rounds, so you won’t be hunting large game with it, but these lightweight weapons are ideal for hunting bird and varmints and other small prey.

A box of .22LR ammo is inexpensive, and they are easy to find in bulk, making it a cheap hobby for a young one to start. .22LR ammo can also be found in many variations, so it’s a great caliber to explore and learn about ammunition: such as the differences between rat-shot, hollow points, and FMJs.

3) Remington Model 597 Synthetic

You want a .22 option for both children and adults? Then the Remington 597 is a great option for fully grown beginners.

This weapon is lightweight thanks to the synthetic stock, and it even comes fully scoped too.

The Remington 597 has a “hold open” bolt, which, as the name suggests, stays open when the gun runs out of ammo, enabling the shooter to easily notice the emptiness. Beginners who are still learning gun safety rules will find this feature a welcome addition.

In terms of action, the 597 uses twin tool-steel guide rails that’ll ease bullets from the magazine into the chamber. This action prevents the gun from jamming, which every beginner dreads.

4) Remington 700

For those confident beginners who want a rifle that will truly last them through years of hunting, one of the best recommendations is a true centerfire bolt action rifle: the Remington 700.

Tried and true throughout the years, few of Remington’s other hunting rifles have managed to top it. Yes, not even the 597 listed above.

The Remington 700 is a great beginner’s rifle for adults or teenagers, because it possesses all the key components of a standard hunting rifle, is accurate as hell, and comes in almost any caliber you would need for hunting.

To top if off, the 700 comes in over 40 variants! That should satisfy even the pickiest hunter. Of course, here’s an in-depth guide on some of those variations.

Good Hunting

Everyone has to start somewhere, and hunting is no exception. The rifles listed above are great not only for beginners, but will likely last you a lifetime and continue to serve a purpose even after you’ve improved and become an expert hunter.

It’s important to be patient and responsible when purchasing and storing firearms, so proceed with additional caution if you are making these moves for the first time.

Most of all, though, don’t feel intimidated; there’s room for anyone and everyone to start hunting.

Published by Arina Smith