When it comes to having success, it may be that your mindset has more to do with your success or failure than you realize. You may also have a negative mindset and not be aware of it. Here are some keys to achieving and keeping a successful mindset.


The focus is definitely key to a successful mindset. Continually remind yourself of who you are and what you are about, what your purpose is, and why you have chosen the career that you have chosen. Keep focusing on your goals by having them somewhere that you can see them.




To achieve a successful mindset, you need to get rid of that negative mindset you may not even know you have. Here are some things to watch out for that may indicate a negative mindset:


  • Having excessive back-up plans and being overly cautious may mean you are doubtful about your success. Safety nets are understandable, but they can become a tempting escape when things are less than perfect. To be successful, you need to press through those imperfect times, not run from them.


  • Believe you deserve it. You may think that you really don't deserve to succeed in your career. You just aren't "that type." To be successful, though, you need to believe you are that type!


  • Uncertainty can be a manifestation of a negative mindset - you are not sure of yourself. There are resources out there; you can learn what you need to succeed. You just have to go for it.

Think like a boss

If you are trying to become a leader in the organization, it won't work to think like all other employees. You need to think like a boss! This means the freedom and responsibilities that come with being the head of a business.

Not "I'll try"

If someone asked you if you plan to succeed in your career, would you say, "I'll try"? If so, you have a negative mindset! You need to think more along the lines of "I will" or "I can." Thinking "I'll try" is a non-committal mindset that is not conducive to success.

Published by Mohammad Ali