If you are speaking to a professional cleaning service, you will find that to them, there is no job considered too small or too big. They will be happy to take on the job, whatever your needs are and whatever the size of your premises. A good company will also be flexible and able to customize their services to the needs of their clients. Some clients want to have the cleaning done every day, others weekly, and others still on a monthly basis. Some are looking to have cleaning done after hours, while others want the offices cleaned during their hours of operation. All of this must be taken into account.

Why use a cleaning service?

There are several reasons why you should consider contracting a cleaning service:

  1. Help your employees focus on their jobs – When companies do not have designated cleaners, they tend to have their staff leave their jobs and do the cleaning. By working with a cleaning service, your staff will be able to focus on what you pay them to do.  They are not distracted by the dirty environment or sidetracked by the need to clean.
  2. Keep a hygienic environment – Nobody wants to work in a shoddy building that is dirty and unhygienic. Furthermore, such an environment aids in the transmission of germs that cause illnesses such as the flu.
  3. Save money –When you hire a cleaning service, you will not have to invest in cleaning equipment such as vacuum cleaners, carpet cleaning machines, and the like. The cleaners come with their own equipment and their own cleaning products as well.  All you have to do is specify what kind of cleaning products you want used.  If you are partial to green cleaning, be sure to let them know.
  4. Maintenance schedules – A good cleaning company will help maintain your equipment and facility such that they will have a long life. You will find that you save money on a number of maintenance tasks such as cleaning air ducts and kitchen equipment among other things.

When you contract building cleaning services that are reliable, you will be able to maintain that high standard of cleanliness that keeps your clients comfortable when they come to your office and this will also help your staff to be more productive.

Facilities and services

With a good cleaning company, you will be tapping into a wealth of experience, training, quality control systems and resources with every clean. The services will be tailor made for you, and a cleaning plan created with the aim of ensuring you are satisfied every time.  A good company is able to clean a variety of facilities including office buildings, restaurants, daycare facilities, retail stores, malls, schools, churches, auto dealerships, factories and more.

The services offered will usually include emptying and cleaning trash receptacles, vacuuming carpets and giving them a shampooing or spot cleaning as needed. Hard floors should be swept and then mopped clean. All furniture should be dusted and then polished. The restrooms should be cleaned in particular intervals depending on traffic, and their fixtures should be sanitized as well. All break rooms and kitchen fixtures and appliances should be thoroughly cleaned. Entrance ways, windows, vents, fans and other fixtures should also be dusted and wiped clean as needed.

Published by Lucy Jones