Python is an open source, multipurpose programming language which has earned a position of eminence among the IT as well as analytics professionals. The language had been chosen as the most popular programming language in 2017. It is regarded as one of the best suited language for machine learning and data science tasks. If you are considering learning Python any time soon, you are on the right track. Let us see why Python enjoys this kind of popularity and what can your points of gain be from mastering Python.

1. Python is Open Source and Affordable

The global technological development is greatly dependent on the start-ups. If you pay close heed then you will realize that the largest tech corporations of this day were all started in small rooms. So, affordability of a tool does matter. This is where Python takes a step ahead from something like SAS. It is also possible to use Python at a very personal level for your own exercises and independent web development.

2. It is a one stop solution to a lot of problems

Python can be used for web development – both front end and back end. And as my coder friends say it works like magic. Of course you have to master it first. Getting a Python certification may help.

It is also a great option for building analytical models and designing machine learning algorithms. If you are willing to work in the data analytics industry then Python skills can really make your job easier. A lot of data science jobs come with a requirement of Python skills. It opens up a lot of opportunities in various fields of work – from cyber security to logistics.

3. A Scalable Learning Curve

A lot of young coders say that Python is their favourite go-to language for most jobs and they also recommend it for beginners. Python has a simple syntax based on real English words. It makes things easier for people to learn it. It also requires you to write less amount of code to get the same job done than JAVA or C++. The bottom line is that with some effort you can learn the basics of the language. A deeper knowledge of the various functionalities might entail some more digging but you can do that in the course of earning a Python Certification.

4. The vibrant community that keeps Python alive

If you are using Python you are already a part of the vibrant community that uses Python. Unlike many different communities and forums, Python’s user forums are exceptionally active and helpful. If you get stuck somewhere you will more often than not find an answer to your query from the forums. This reason does not play a small part in the world wide acceptance and popularity of the language. The ever improving libraries and functionalities are bonus.

Python is undoubtedly a great language to learn and work with. Having said that you are encouraged to try the other popular options and keep an eye on the emerging languages which come with great promise. You never know when a tool becomes trendy.

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