Exercising during pregnancy is extremely important if you want to keep your health up to speed and reduce the risk of complications. Moderate exercises help ensure that you have a smooth and easy delivery and are able to give birth to a strong, healthy child. Just like any other time, even during pregnancy, exercise is able to improve the condition of your health, reduce tiredness, fatigue and also positively impact your mood. It helps boost your energy levels, quality of sleep and muscle strength. Apart from following advice and using the best pregnancy test kit, you must put together a well-appointed exercise program in coordination with your doctor.  Exercising will keep you fit and healthy and greatly boost your stamina.

There are numerous activities that you can undertake during pregnancy to stay fit. While exercise in the form of swimming, brisk walking, prenatal yoga, low-stress aerobics and stationary cycling are recommended for most women, you must keep in mind your comfort level and avoid pushing yourself too hard. Read on to find out 4 exercises that are considered to be safe and have proven to be highly beneficial for pregnant women around the world:

1. Swimming

Apart from being a great exercise, swimming is also a well-known method to de-stress your body and calm your mind. Being in the water has a soothing effect that can a long way in improving your mental state. In terms of exercise, swimming awards a better range of motion and doesn’t put pressure on your joints either.  The resistance of the water helps in feeling relieved with the extra weight. Apart from swimming, you may also go for aqua aerobics or walking in water. Choose a stroke that makes your feel most comfortable, without putting strain on your back muscles, neck or shoulders. Something like breaststroke is easy and non-straining. Experts would also argue in favor of using a kickboard to give you extra body strength. Remember to avoid jumping, diving, warm pools, steam rooms, saunas and hot tubs.

2. Brisk walking

Brisk walking is one of the most recommended exercises for pregnant women. A quick walk around your house – be it alone or in the company of family/ friends – is a fantastic way to stay healthy without exerting yourself. Brisk walking improves your cardiovascular state without adversely impacting your ankles or knees. As recommended by doctors, you must avoid rough surfaces, rocks and potholes as the progression of pregnancy may lead to changes in your center of gravity. This may adversely hamper your sense of coordination and balance.  Also wear supportive footwear to stay comfortable.

3. Stationary cycling

‘Spinning’ or cycling on a stationary bike is a safe exercise for pregnant women, especially if you want to give your heart extra attention without straining your joints. Exercising on the bike helps support your body weight while improving your heart rate. If you’re approaching the later stages of your pregnancy, try using a high handlebar to stay comfortable.

4. Yoga

Prenatal yoga involves exercises that are especially designed to help maintain flexibility and keep your joints limber. It helps boost blood circulation in the body, strengthens muscles and also relaxes your body. Practice yoga regularly during your pregnancy to stay calm and experience an easier delivery. You must remember not to push yourself too hard as your pregnancy progresses and skip positions that may cause imbalance. Especially in the second trimester, you must try to avoid positions that require you to lie on your abdomen or flat on your back. When you lie on your back, the weight of the uterus and fetus could put immense pressure on major arteries and veins in your body. As a result, the blood flow to your heart may decrease and cause complications. Even though excessive stretching can help relax your hormones and increase flexibility, you must be extra careful to resist overstretching as this may lead to injury.

Apart from regular exercising, you must also be careful and seek only professional guidance and use high quality equipment. You can shop for everything conveniently today - from medication to a manual breast pump online. Reputed retailers such as Smart Medical Buyer have gained a reputation among expecting mother for their affordability, convenience and reliability. Being pregnant should in no way mean that you have to compromise on your general fitness or stop taking care of your body. This is the time when your body deserves and demands maximum attention and exercising is a great way to do that.

Published by Sumity Paul