Brides and grooms looking to make their wedding the high note of their marriage are hopping aboard the weed-themed wedding trend. Swapping the standard open bar for budtenders serving up the best in tokes, smokes, and all bud everything, couples who love marijuana and love sharing with friends are all over this hot trend.

Couples who want to guarantee the best vibes on their big day should get started planning their very own weed wedding.

Why You Need a Weed Wedding

It’s no secret that planning a wedding is one of the most stressful times in the life of a couple. From constructing the wedding budget to dealing with the vendors, venue, and all those friends and family who have yet to RSVP, you’ll want to find a way to make sure you leave all that stress behind when the wedding day finally arrives.

What better way than to get high with your wedding party and guests? If you still need a bit more convincing, keep reading for all the fantastic reasons you need a weed wedding for your nuptials.

You’ll Have the Best Alternative to an Open Bar

Many open bars at weddings are more than they’re worth. The average open bar costs upward of $3,000 and is generally the reason for the drunken antics of your soused third cousin or high school friend. Instead of blowing a major part of the budget on liquor, invest in a weed bar.

Chances are, not everyone will partake in the weed bar, which already cuts costs in half. Moreover, you can guarantee that your wedding will have the perfect mellow vibes you’re hoping to create with the perfectly crafted strains available at the bar.

Weed Weddings Are More Discreet

Excited for your wedding but still trying to find a way to make it more exclusive? Adding weed to the mix will definitely take the privacy up a notch. Most weed weddings are held in secluded areas to prevent any nontokers from catching a whiff of your wedding-day weed.

Moreover, depending on your preferred method of partaking, you can keep the weed intake itself as discreet as possible. Encourage guests to use vaporizers or edibles to eliminate the effects of secondhand smoking altogether. While some weed weddings do have blunts and bongs, it’s simply not necessary.

Speaking of edibles, the perfect addition to any weed wedding is a chef who is experienced in the art of cooking with marijuana. Work with the right chef to make a cannabis-infused menu that manages to work marijuana into every appetizer, entrée, and dessert. Similarly, have the bartender whip up a special cannabis cocktail for the perfect way to give your guests a chill vibe.

You Have a Reason to Not Invite Certain People

Struggling to find a way to tell your least-favorite aunt that they’re not invited to the wedding? Well, with a weed wedding, you don’t have to. Anyone in your family who has been uptight or even critical of your lifestyle will be the first ones to express their shock at the fact that you will have weed at the wedding.

Your more-disapproving family members will take it upon themselves to stay away. Thus, your marijuana wedding will start shaping up to be everything you hoped it would.

Of course, not everyone that is invited needs to partake in the marijuana. It is likely, however, that anyone with a strong dislike for weed, or the fact that you enjoy it, will find a way to stay home on the day of your wedding.

You Get to Go Gourmet with Your Weed

While you probably already partake in your favorite strain of marijuana, having a weed wedding gives you the opportunity to go all-out. As part of the planning, you’ll be able to try each strain for yourself and indulge a little, or a lot, before you get back to wedding prep. On the big day, each table will feature all the best types of cannabis, ensuring your guests get to live the high life with you.

Moreover, you’ll be able to share one of your favorite pastimes with your friends and family by giving out a little token of your appreciation. As part of the wedding favors, include samples of the gourmet weed by way of blunt or baggy. You’ll send your guests off with a night they’ll never forget and a little something to enjoy at home.

Be sure to include something extra as part of the wedding favors: synthetic urine. While weed is legal in some states, guests who are visiting destination weed weddings should take the different state laws into consideration. Offer guests who do want to partake synthetic urine to pass a urine drug test if they happen to be welcomed back to work with a boss who’s eager to ferret out any marijuana users.

Enjoy the Wedding-Day High

Your wedding should be everything you want it to be. Why not mix a lot of marijuana in with that marital bliss? Chances are, with a weed wedding, your friends and family will be able to relax and truly have a good time.

Wherever you are in your wedding planning process, start finding a way to work weed in there. Let this guide give you the push you need to bring all the good weed and good vibes for your upcoming wedding.

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