Candy has been synonymous with happiness for ages and parties are no exception. Most people prefer to have candies in their parties and even some lying around the house for various occasions. These sweets are great when you have that random urge for something sweet.

We are sure that most of you see these eats as guilty pleasures though. Your strict fitness regimes probably tell you how candies are bad for your health and diet. Well, the good news is that it’s not as bad as it sounds. Candies have their nutritional value if eaten in small quantities too. You needn’t stress so much over that candy you ate without realizing when you were watching TV!

Here are a few reasons why you should definitely not fret over a few candies every now and then.

People who eat candy live longer

A Harvard study has found that the people who eat candy regularly live longer! Sounds impossible? The multi-decade survey found that people who eat candy once or twice a week lived longer than the ones who didn’t. Even the people who ate candy daily lived longer than those who didn’t. Now if we are talking about life, who doesn’t want to live a longer robust life?  If this doesn’t give you a reason to eat candy, what does?

Sugar can increase will power

Sugar gives you a boost and you’re able to concentrate on tasks better. If you have a difficult task coming up consider stocking up on candies. You can buy the best candy from Mexico to soothe your frayed nerves. It can even help you to delay gratification. The reason that you get such gratification from sugar highs is because sugar releases serotonin, which is a feel-good hormone. If candy isn’t your will power challenge a few pieces of candy can keep you off other temptations.

Chewing gum can reduce stress

Chewing gum can reduce anxiety and build focus. It reduces stress and increases focus. The constant motion of chewing helps your brain to calm down and avoid going into an overdrive which causes anxiety. Studies have shown that chewing gum improves the state of the brain to enable you to focus better and increase happiness. The areas of the brain related to stress and pain processing are less active and the areas of attention and self control more active. When science has proved the effects of candy, do you really have a reason to discredit candy?

Dark chocolate improves heart function

Dark chocolate decreases cholesterol levels and increases heart function. The cocoa in dark chocolate has fiber which is good for digestion. Eating dark chocolate more than 4 times a week puts you at a lower risk of heart diseases than those who don’t. Chocolate is good for everyone regardless of your age. Eat chocolate guilt free and your heart will thank you.

After reading this for yourself, what are your thoughts? Too much of anything is bad, but even candy if eaten in reasonable amounts can be quite good for you. 

Published by Alex Hales