Religion is being spiritual

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1. Spirituality is a feeling of belonging

To be a human and feel fulfilled you, need to find your purpose. Why are you here? Where are you going to flourish? How are you going to impact this planet? Once you have asked the tough questions and answered them determined to achieve these goals. You will find the people you are meant to be surrounded by. Therefore you will feel contentment in knowing that there are more people out there JUST like you.

2. Religion is an organized spirituality group

To be a part of a religious group that practices the same spiritual traditions, surrounded by likeminded individuals. They organize certain days/times to worship their creator.

3. What I see is what I believe

Even the scientists that believe in only what they can see are spiritual. Every human on this planet just wants to feel accepted and surrounded by people who think like they do. “The perfect contentment” I call it. Where there are no negative happenings with the needs and wants of your life, just crisis. Everyone is here for a ride of their life.

4. It’s what you believe

Spirituality is simple. Exactly what you believe whether it be heaven or hell. The other side or even if it you believe there is nothing any more once you die you are dead. Every single person on this planet believes we came from some place before we came to be the people we are now. That is spirituality.

I would love to hear all about what you believe!

Where do you think we come from?

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Eudamonia my friends,

Happily Estranged Mum

Published by Jessica Schuurman