Nowadays, there are a plenty of platforms to watch movies without going to the theater. With the introduction of Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and other online media platforms, people can now watch a movie within the comforts of their home. However, there are some unique experiences and moments that still make watching a movie in a theater a meaningful endeavor.

Theater and multiplex owners have employed few effective strategies to enhance the movie watching experience of the viewers. There are many reasons to spend your money on buying movie tickets and indulge yourself within the walls of your nearby cinema hall.

The Massive White Sheet

The visual storytelling aspect of a movie is always incredible on a large screen, especially when the movie really takes a great advantage of the format. Also, with the new 3D and IMAX formats, the digital technology has made watching a movie in a theater a remarkable affair. On top of that, the audience finds it tempting to sit in a packed theater staring at the big screen and getting pulled into the sound and color of the movie. For example, one of the best horror movies of 2017, Get Out, will give you the actual feel and essence of the movie when watched on a big screen rather than on your phone or tablet. Although it is not inherently wrong to stay at home and watch the movie on a small device, it is all about the unique experience.

Shared Experience

A group of people laughing together during a comic scene, or feeling terrified, awestruck and dead silent during a horror or dark scene is something you can only experience in a cinema hall. You become a part of a large group and share your emotions with others. You can feel dozens of similar emotions in the movie hall, which is something you will not get watching a movie on a tablet while sitting on your couch. Also, theaters are a great place to organize a refreshing family meeting.

No Distractions

Watching a movie requires focus regardless of the genre, in order to understand the plot and context of the cinema. Focus is something that is more achievable in movie theaters where you will be nearly locked for two hours without any distractions. On the contrary, watching a movie at your home can divide your attention to other areas.

Films Are Intended for Theaters

Movies like Avatar, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and so on, have one thing in common - the filmmakers made the movie with an intention of providing a theater setting experience. Seeing a film in a home theater is good, but often there are movies that come to life on a massive screen with better sound quality.  Sci-fi movies look more promising when you watch them in a cinema hall rather than on a LED TV at home. Movie halls specialize in offering an immersive and entertaining experience.


Enjoying the movie in a theater is necessary to experience the movie’s powerful, relentless, and unapologetic feel. You are surrounded by both supporters and critics of the movie in a hall where you watch and judge the performances together. 

Published by Lucy Jones